Caught Exposed

One Saturday, I was walking down the street with my friends to go somewhere.

My friends dared me to flash the next car we saw; well, i kept saying no until I finally flashed in front of a car. Peeping in, it turns out to be one of my math teacher coming at me and a police car heading the opposite way.

When we went to school on Monday, my math teacher (NOT the one i flashed) told me that whenever I walk down the street, never to do anything that could get me arrested for.

In other words, he told like ALL the other teachers!!
QueenNicole QueenNicole
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5 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I love being nude but try to be rather selective about where and to whom I expose certain body parts.

You have had too many incidents of being exposed for you NOT to like it.

Good story and I'm sure you were embarrassed. Think stoner has it right. Cops seem to be very tolerant of women exposing themselves. I certainly don’t know of any men who would complain.<br />
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I wonder if this occurred in one of those countries where you could get canned for that?

very funny story, i love it

Probably good advice, although the cops generally seem to be more tolerant of women exposing than of men.