1st Peep

I remember that going nude started at a young age for me. When i was 14 i had some friends over... i remember we went swimming out in the back pool and the boys were doing something inappropriate so i went inside because i felt left out. (i was the only girl there)
so i go inside and go into the shower i hear the boys coming in so i get out of the shower not knowing they were coming my way when i saw them i was shocked my towel slipped off i was embarrassed because i thought my body was so ugly although i had a pretty nice shape. They stared laughing and snapped their pics on there camera phones. i went in my room crying when Ryan came in i was still naked he said its OK i like seeing you this way. I looked at him and i noticed i was getting a little wet.. he came and hugged me and told me they deleted the pictures. and he told me i never knew you had boobs. i laugh and notice that i was NAKED i kind of jump at 1st then he said relax and started rubbing my leg and started going up into my ***** he said your wet i pushed his hand away... then he said relax then he said i like you a lot i was shocked because i always thought boys never liked me so i let him continue messing with my ***** soon we were both naked then he said can i i had know idea about sex so i said sure thinking it wouldn't hurt When he put his penis inside me i screamed with shock he slowly went in and out then faster and about 15 minutes later i had my 1st organism it felt great when we see the door knob turning the rest if my guest come in and say wow ok were gonna go and after that i realized i loved the skin i was in and i LOVED being naked and it just carried through the rest of my life
ChiChio2 ChiChio2
Aug 10, 2010