Being Online Is My Writing Workshop

I am online everyday...

I feel like I should be standing up at an internet addiction meeting and saying "hello, I am fightn4me and I am an internet addict"...but truly, though I do spend a bit of time online, I see it as a PROMPT to do many things that improve my knowledge and skills in many area. It is my classroom, so to speak.

It encourages me to write. I have several blogs.I have a Facebook page and a FB page for one of my blogs.

I have an account on Pinterest where I feel that I am learning about the world; taking cyber travels to Egypt and Patagonia as well as collecting vintage perfume bottles and classic works of art.

I love to learn so I frequent several personal interest forums for information about subjects that matter to me that I want to know more about. 

I spend an average of 5 hours each day on the internet but I neither work outside the home or have to be away from my laptop as I can take it with me. I appreciate my "cyber friends" and the relationships that I have made, sustain and enjoy "online"...

Oh yes, I DO have a life outside of the sing and will be spending MORE time enjoying the music that I love so that means LESS time on the internet but it will ALWAYS have its place and purpose in my life.
fightn4me fightn4me
46-50, F
Jan 6, 2013