My First Public Outting

For some reason it was a warm Saturday afternoon that i made my first ever public appearance. dressed in black bra panties and tights with a red and black striped blouse black knee length straight skirt and jacket to waist with double breasted gold look buttons to match the 1 gold look button on the 3 inch slit up the back of the skirt. finishing the outfit was a pair of black 3inch swede look stilettos gold ring earring's light make up with red lips and a dark brown shoulder length wig. Id had stepped out into the yard the other 2 units closed and empty as normal for a weekend. The light warm breeze made me decide it was time to spend some time outdoors. i couldn't just stand in this small yard so without to much thought.( if i had id have changed my mine) picked up my little black handbag popped in lipstick and keys locked the unit and walked out of the back gate and into the was quiet nobody around so I took those first steps into the wide world. With each step came the sound of heels. not the best thing for someone trying to be in stealth. Id must have got two hundred yard when a woman in her late twenties came out of a house on the other side of the street with her young daughter. She looked straight at me. I had been seen. the first time in all these years. but this time it was my choice. she gave me a bit of a strange look. she must have guessed i was a guy. I had decide she had anyway. so now at this point have lost all my nerve. How stupid I'm in the street dressed as a girl but obviously a man now what do I do. I can turn and go back. If I did Id have to turn and follow her down the street. I can stop here and wait see may look back see me standing there. so i had to keep going. I got to the end of the street and turn left to go round the block. going down the road some builders were out where i wanted to walk. No way was i going by them. I took next right just as i did two guys in a car pulled up to the junction. with it being warm the windows were down. I was waiting for a some abuse but it didn't happen. the passenger gave me a good look and smiled he said "shes sweet" to his mate as they pulled away. I couldn't believe it i had passed with him and he like my look. the humiliation from first contact to her exited buzz from the second had my mind in a whirl. at the bottom of the road i took another left realizing this is a busy road at the best of times more so on a Saturday. I only need to walk 20 yards then i could get off the road. as it was so wide on coming traffic didn't have time or view to take much notice even if they did they were far enough away and id be round the corner before they could get back. the cars passing close to me were coming up behind me so didn't get a look at me from the front so would be less likely to be outed.I did get the feeling that every car that passed me were taking a good look at my sexy bottom in my tight skirt and taking a good look at my smooth girly legs covered in sheer black gloss tights. someone hit their horn. Was it for me? I don't know but the thought it was turned me on. i got to the left turn and was about to go up when i realized it would take me straight up past the builders i was trying to avoid. turning back would put me face to face with the oncoming traffic. going on to the next turn meant walking past three shops i knew would all be open. all being pretty well used. Back into panic mode. lots of traffic cant go that way. left to builders no chance can i risk that so head down 30 more yards past shops next left then down to the front of my unit. shops it is then. I crossed the road and just kept going. a couple came out of the second shop and looked in the window of the first as i walked past. they were more int rested in the window. i kept my head lowered and got heart beating at full pelt. were they like the motorists looking at me in tights. I will never know but if felt like eyes burning all over me. people were in and out of the other two shops but didn't catch any ones eye. I turned the corner maybe one hundred yards from people waiting at a bus stop. again i felt to far away from them to take notice of me. I walked best and as quickly as i could with my heels clicking. nothing happened as i walked back now with my feet starting to hurt. although i had worn heels many times before it was my first time really walking in them and I mush have covered close to a mile.coming to the gates i prepared my keys not wanting to be in front of my unit dressed like this. In case i was seen by somebody i knew. i was in locked the gates behind me safe. did i see a curtain across the road twitch? maybe but no one came out I didn't know the owners but if the asked at the other units about a girl going in the yard at the weekend I would invent a girlfriend as i was certain they couldn't of had a good look at me. now back safe in my unit the overwhelming relief was fantastic. the adventure ran threw my mind time after time with feelings of guilt, for what i had done. humiliation,for all those people who saw me dressed as a girl with hairless nylon cover legs. pride as i must have fooled at least some of them and relief i got back in one piece

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It really is such a rush. So much better than hiding away indoors! That feeling, the knowlage that you are going somewhere, and there is nowhere to hide.

exactly being exposed in public with nowhere to hide. and just incase people don't notice you straight away don't worry because all transgirls shoes are fitted with extra loud heels so as you try to walk quietly without drawing attention your heels hit the floor like sledge hammers

Yeah, like a firecracker going off with ever step! LOL

I remember the first time out in public being scared to death and absolutely thrilled at the same time you stated it nicely

I have yet to go out in public like that. I am scared I am not going to pass...or I'll not walk right.... or something....but the thought of being out in public....being a girl is intoxicating! I wish I had a friend near me that was like me..... I will do it soon though... I have to. Thank you so much for sharing your story. :)

I have yet to go out in public like that. I am scared I am not going to pass...or I'll not walk right.... or something....but the thought of being out in public....being a girl is intoxicating! I wish I had a friend near me that was like me..... I will do it soon though... I have to. Thank you so much for sharing your story. :)

Mistress E. that is sucha wonderful comment. These special feelings of how your real girls experience the world, it's such a gift to get to share just a bit of that.<br />
<br />
Great story, too, Polly!

That does bring back some memories particularly when Madam Dawson took me shopping in my maid uniform with a scarlet rubberised rain cape over it. That was so exciting. However I have been out in public many times since then and it is no longer exciting just very satisfying and relaxing

I have been out many times dressed as a girl, and it can be so exciting, but so scarey at the same time. I have always found the best time to go out is when it is raining. That way, you can hide under an umbrella, and people do not take so much of an interest in you when it is raining. Preferably light rain so you do not get so wet. I have been doing this for 25 years since I was 15. I have a few Ice skating dresses, and I dream of going out in my skating dress with my tan coloured tights and pink snow boots. A body hugging hooded coat, waist length. I can't wait for it to snow. But will I get away with it. I will let you all know.

thank you for your comment miss, that is the first time i have heard a real lady say they feel the same way i have heard that some get annoyed that they are being checked out as if they are a piece of meat or that they love to do it to get the attention but never thought they had similar feelings so maybe when im out and about it is because im being admired as a girl not that they have noticed that im a pantyhosed pansy

Your story brings back so many memories. I had many adventures just like the one you have told.

Sounds like an amazing adventure, I wish i had your courage.

you got some ???s i like just panties you rolled out full blown if im not mistaken and threw in a const site crazy i have seen cds as well as the hole gammet of styles rolling around in la i have learned at my teens its not good to judge and most people in general dont it just gives them something to talk about later so i guess you feel pretty comfortable with yoursielf thats good