Going Out Crossdressed

When I was about 7 I would dress in my mom's clothes and have a super time. If I felt that I had the time, I would put make-up on but of course my mom's clothes were just a tad to large, so there was no going out. LOL
As I grew up and got married, I thought that all of that was over, boy was I wrong. When I had some free time from my wife, I dressed and drove out around the neighborhood and town and even went onto the freeway and went to the rest area restrooms. I, of course being dressed as a girl  would go into the ladies room. One day while out feeling pretty confident, I went into a Penney's store and walked around looking at dresses. I LOVE it until a small girl came up and thinking I was "not right" started laughing at me. (Little girls always seem to see thru a CD'er.) This went on for quite a few years until my wife caught me coming home way out of it. By the way, she thought that I had been going into her clothes for quite some time.
She wanted me to go see a therapist which I did WHICH MADE NO DIFFERENCE.
Now its a few years later and my first wife died from cancer and for some unknown reason, I got married again without telling my 2nd wife. Of all the stupid things, I should have told her but I didn't have the guts.  TELL YOUR WIFE, IF POSSIBL, BEFORE YOU ARE MARRIED.
Enough for now.
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My wife prefers me to be a sissy and her *****. It helps that she is my mistress and has made me a cuckold

Yes in perfect 20-20 hindsight telling our potential love interests about our dressing is proper but soo very very scary. I too hoped that marriage would "Cure" me...but we all know that doesn't happen.<br />
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I'm facing a crisis at this point where she hates that I dress and won't consider approving of me going out in public. Because it was so hidden back then, we mature gurls are suffering in ways that I hope the younger generations can avoid.

Cindy and Ohio Sissy .... you both are so right, a crossdresser should totally tell any woman BEFORE marriage that he is a C.D. This I believe totally NOW. <br />
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At the time I was scared that I would loose her because she is an old fashioned thinking woman.<br />
i still should have told her.

My wife knew from day one that I wear female attire!

I believe a crossdresser should always be up front with someone whom they might spend their lives with.