After Being The Male Bride

After the best wedding day both of us  dressed as  brides, honeymoon in France two week dressed as two women the complete two weeks and now back home to start our life toghter.
   We kind of hit the ground running because it was the time of the year we start buying onr fall line.So the first day back of corse everyone now new me as the male bride crossdresser and it was fun.But i didn't have time i had to start lineing up my fites to met with desingers and fashion showes and off i went just four weeks after our wedding.I hated leaveing Linda at he home office but she had her job too.So we lived on our cell phone but it wasn't the same as being with her.After three weeks on the road  i got bacvk home and i don't think we went out of the house the whole weekend.A when we were dressed i was dress as Sphany and loved it.
   e had a new project she wanted to talk with me and the board of directors
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Am I missing something here? This experience doesn't seem to have any sort of ending to it, seems like some sentences were left out!

Sounds like a really wonderful time. I am always happy when I heart great sorties of accepting couples. : )

Sounds a lot like my wife and me, Sphany, and isn't it great! Thanks for sharing dear.

I admire you so much

i noted that you went out as two women. how can you have a proper honeymoon as two is only a joke . because actually you should have gone as man and wife ; she as the man and the genetic male as the wife. role reversal terrific enjoyment. i want to enjoy honeymoon with reversed roles. i want to dress as the woman, while my wife dresses as the man.............then "he" can take me like a woman. i like missionary position ( with me in female dress and female role and genetic wife as the husband)