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I Shaved My Legs Today For The First Time!!! <3

I am really happy and excited to tell you guys that for the first time in my life, i have shaved my legs :). I am wearing nude tights, with a denim skirt and heels and my legs have never felt so good in my life! I really do not know why i waited so long to try this but i regret not doing it now.. but ugh, the smoothness of my legs are just so amazing and I am just so excited... :)))))
TorquedStudios TorquedStudios 18-21, M 29 Responses Dec 12, 2011

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Awesome feeling isn't it??

I hate body hair, so try to shave mine as often as I can

Good for you dear! Yes a clean and hair free body definitely is the way to go. I too hate body hair ... especially hairy legs.

GOOD lesson to learn and as soon as boys start todress too! It always feels much better wearing girl clothes against bare skin!
have FUN and share !

it will only get BETTER,try stockings&belt,or corset.goodluck

Yes its a great feeling, I like to spray my legs. Pantyhose are alsome, but I enjoy the feel of air in my private area. I usually lotion my legs and my heels are big enough to where I don't need to wear nylons.

It's one of my goals shaving my legs that is, so far I have been able to keep my underarms shaved without notice or complaint from my wife, at first she asked about it but I played it off as rash prevention

I was so lucky not to have a hairy body, so it was easy for me to shave. I remember shaving my legs and underarms for the first time. Thank you for bring that memory back

I am very jealous of that cause I have a very hairy body lol.. Is their any way to permanently get rid of body hair?

I have read taking estrogen will reduce the hair growth but you have to be ready to live as a women I think 24/7.

<p>How would you feel if I say "Oh darling you look so lovely", then I take you out in my sport open car for a nice romantic ride.???</p>

i would say thank you and suck you off as we drive

It is a wonder feeling isn't it...;-)

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

That's great! Now not will your pantyhose or tights look better, they will feel even better too.

Same here ... built up enough courage to shave my legs for the first time yesterday and I like the feeling. I enjoy how shaved legs feel both in and out of pantyhose. So congratulations on your taking the plung and enjoy.

It is a wonderful sensation. Enjoy the wonderful gift of being trans-gendered.

ive always wanted to try shavin my legs but a) im afraid of it growin bak thickr and longer and b) i dont get to wear tights or pantyhose as often as id like to rly hav a reason to shave

I am a bit jealous, I wanna shave my legs, but my female friend says I don't to,I hardly have hair<br />
on my legs , and besides she says it would just grow back in faster. can you tell us if the hair grows in the same or thicker- I'm interested ,please and thank you

That's an old wives tale, Terry. The hair does not grow back thicker ... it might feel that way at first, but that is strickly because it is shorter.

I agree with tghubby, the hair on your legs will grow back just at it was when it was first shaved. The hair on my legs grows back at the same rate as the hair on my face but my leg hair isn't any thicker than it was before I started shaving. But you have to at least try shaving once so that you can feel the difference in how your PH feel and how much better they stay in place. They feel like they've turned into velcro because of how well they stay in place and not move up and down like PH does when wearing over hairy legs. Like day and night. Two completely different experiences. Give it a try, you won't be dissapointed.

Good for you. Yes I can remember shaving my legs and how great it felt. Then my girlfriend introduced me to waxing; not only my legs, but my bikini line as well. Now I have been doing it long enough that I don't have that much reoccuring growth ... it is great. And yes I have had several women comment what nice legs I have.

It is a great Feeling! Keep your entire body shaved and moisterized! It is a Delightful feeling to have Silky and Feminine clothing on a shaved and smooth body! You look Awesome!!

It feels so nice doesn't it.

congrats....i always keep myself shaved....i also use feels sooo nice to be smooth all over

I have never shaved my legs but that is because i don't need to. I have such little leg hair that shaving them would be pointless. So in that respect I am lucky but the thought of taking the time to shave them in anticipation of putting on some nylons... i do envy that.

Yes its a wonderful softness isn't it. I shave at least 3 times a week.

I'm so jelliouse, congratulation

rember you have to mosturise your leggs other wise you get ingrown hars panfull and not verry plesnt to look at i soak in the hot bubble bath a while before i shave notheing feals better than shere hosery over freshly shaven leggs drie off mostureise your leggs and what else you have shaved and enjoy your newly shaven leggs

I keep my legs shaved, and all areas shaved (*smiles*) The sensations of pulling up my nylons over shaved legs is fantastic. I use moisturizing cream on my legs to keep them smooth and silky.

I would like, but I don't ose !!! encourage-me!

Sweetie you just must try it, it's so wonderfull. But use a good razor and cream. I have found that the one made by Gilette the Fuzion works best. After you shave your legs rub them all over with a moisturizing cream and let it soak in. Exerience the feeling of sliding your nylons over and up your smooth shaven legs. Darling you will be shaving them all the time once you enjoy the pleasure of doing it once.

Glad you enjoy your smooth legs,I have been shavihg mine for a while now,you should read my story under [ i shave my entire body], nothing feels better than a totally smooth body with the right pantys ,pantyhose,dress and everything else feminine, enjoy yourself and have fun doing it!

go girl are you shaving the rest of your body or not

claps hands together (how wonderful !---welcome home,,we've missed you :)

Thank you :)