Have I The Courage?

On Saturday, I am off to visit China for the first time.
Part work, part play, as i wish to trip up the Yangtze.

I will be wearing panties, makeup.
Dare I take skirts blouses, heels?
Will I say no to a pleasant boy on the game?

What will be the very conservative view of me by the Chinese I meet?

Watch this space, I guess.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Hi,musta<br />
China was great, the people there are just so NICE !<br />
Different to what I had been told.<br />
Had one question of myself answered.<br />
I love dressing in women's clothing.<br />
The question - Am I gay after all ?<br />
Well, I guess the answer came up, on the Yangtze river cruise, I had a cabin mate who had, on thinking about it, paid for the trip to entice this older guy into sex.<br />
(At 24, he did have a beautiful body ! )<br />
But as for the offered, no, demanded entwining, I was thoroughly put off, the cabin was most tense at the end.<br />
The sod pinched ALL my socks, and a fair amount of my cash, so I guess he won after all.<br />
And I found out I was just a man who enjoyed "dressing'<br />
We all think in ways we don't really understand<br />
<br />
Cheers, luv<br />