Shopping Goingg Out Crossdressed

I often go out shopping wearing a blouse and pleated short skirt plus all the other stuff like Bra, Panties, Stockings,High Heels and make-up plus jewellery and last week I went to the near by super store to buy food and cosmetics.

As I pushed my trolley around the store I was followed around by this young boy child who kept grabbing my pleated white skirt and kept looking up my skirt, I told this annoying child to go away several times but he kept returning back to me and each time hitching my skirt higher. I said to him in a very girlie strong voice " If you don't stop it pulling my skirt you will rip it off ." The child then said "my dad said you are wearing the same knickers as my mothers, and he told me to go and have a look".
I thought to my self it will be quicker to let him see a glimpse of my pink panties and maybe he will leave me alone. I went to a quiet part of the store followed by this terrible child and I quickly slid my skirt up quickly pretending to adjust my stocking,

As soon as he saw my pink lacy panties he shouted at the top of his voice, " Dad the girlie boy has got the same knickers on as my mums knickers and there even more frilly than hers"
I quickly went to the checkout and I could hear all the people laughing about what this boy had said . The checkout girl said to me your face is as pink and red as your knickers, but I think you are very nice and girlie dear, take no notice of those people laughing at your frilly knickers .
I never left a store so quickly and I must remember when wearing a short skirt not to bend over too much and show my panties .
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7 Responses May 13, 2012

Interesting story ... fortunately one I never had. But the gal at the checkout handled it pretty well.

go o wearing nmore and more mini skirt show your beautiful legsa ,panties,,straps.. all must be seen for all becouse woman in you needed all

such fun!

I just love walking and swishing about when shopping wearing my pleated dress, such great fun .

When some body pulls at your skirt in a large store you get all sort of emotions and frills ,but when it is a cheeky kid ,it is such a let down

in a way it is kind of funny, but hey if we cant laugh at ourselves somethings wrong, right? this reminded me of something that happened last month. i was standing in line at the check out and a little girl of about 7 or 8 years old looks up at me and says "your a boy". the mothers face turned red and i just stood there not believing what just happened. then i recovered quickly and said " NO! not since the accident".... the mother who was really embarassed started laughing and told me that i was really cool and a wonderful girl for the way i handled it... mmm mmm mmm the things kids say....

Great story sorry you got imbarrassed the father was wrong Have fun! and fo it again anyway.!

I do get embarrassed but I have got use to it now and I still love wearing that pleated short skirt