Helping At A Fundraiser While Crossdressed

Last November I volunteered to help a nonprofit with their phoneathon raising money. I decided I'd go crossdressed. I thought I'd dress rather neutral in a woman's top and jeans and women's shoes. I put on the bra, forms and all in one and big blousy top. Then the jeans and some jewerly. It was raining so grabbed a raincoat and my purse. I was not quite sure where the nonprofit was so I left early because I knew I would get lost.

Finally found a parking space and fed the meter. I walked a half block and entered. Up the elevator to the third floor. I signed in and went through the orientation. Then they had a light supper What fun and a chance to meet some new people. I made enough phone calls to win one of the donated gift certificates. What a confidence builder.
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Wow you sure passed that night. I wish I could have been there with you and maybe picked up on a few tips on how to get real fem.

I just loved your comment and story. Well no wonder people were commenting on how you were dressed. I just looked at your avatar and wow, I would have had a very positive comment for you if I had passed you by that night. SEXY with a capital S.

I decided to wear my breast forms that night and found this big blousy top to cover them. It was really fun being on the phone seeking donations and knowing I had boobs

Boobs or no boobs I would have been exstatic just being there en fem the whole evening.

A great story.<br />
My first time out in public dressed up and going socialising was about 7 months ago now.<br />
I must make the distinction from socialising to just sneaking around the block at night dressed up and I have been doing that since I was about 14 fully dressed.<br />
Anyway that first time out socialising was very scary for me, it was not uncomfortable for me to be a girl, it was just the unknown and the reactions that I might be getting.<br />
I was with a friend in her car and she parked in the city with lots of people about, this was my first time with so many people about.<br />
So with racing heart I held my breath and opened to door to the outside world and took my first high heel step and within a few steps I was getting in the mood and its too late now to go back and with each step my confidence grew but I was still scared all the same.<br />
When we got to this nightclub I was so relived that I made it without getting beat up, its not the words of abuse that was worrying me, that has been happening to me all my life, thanks dear older brother of mine. its the physical abuse that I might get, I hate violence.<br />
After a few hours at this nightclub we had to leave and I didn't give it a second thought of walking out the front door to the outside world and was enjoying myself. Confidence was stronger then the scared bit.<br />
What was a very long walk to the club became a very short walk back to the car. I was just in heaven listening to MY heels making that wonderful sound and all to soon we where at her car, with sadness I got in, I could of walked to the moon and back and just wanted to be seen that I don't give a damn what people thought of me, of course I do very much appreciate good comments about my style of dress and how I look and I have gotten so many from females who just love a guy that is so comfortable in a dress and its all to just have fun.<br />
There are worse things a male can do then to wear a dress and its strange that I attract more attention from females when I am in girl mode then when I am in male mode.<br />
So far my pinnacle of achievement was last Easter Saturday night and into most of Easter Sunday.<br />
I was with a female and we where both dressed up sexy and hit a few nightclubs and danced the night away and we walked about the city streets and I got so many great compliments from females who themselves was dressed up sexy and half my age.<br />
We went back to her place and spent most of Sunday dressed up, I had no choice as I left my male clothes in my car that was parked out the front of the first nightclub and I drunk to much to drive and I got my first bus when dressed up going back to her place and for about 24 hours I was full girl with just the dress on and a little purse.<br />
The very same dress I am wearing in my avatar.<br />
I am now having the time of my life.

That's such a great story. It can be so easy to chicken out due to fear. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to you. Sounds like you had a blast too!