Going Out To Lunch

I enjoy going out crossdressed. Last Christmas I received a giftcard from the Olive Garden restaurant. Said to myself it's time to use it. One afternoon I layed out bra and panties, girdle and off black stockings, flats, slip a long purple dress, earrings, bracelets, my watch and purse. Started to put on the girdle and attached the stockings. Put on the bra and panties and then put in the breast forms. Then put on the slip and shoes and the purple dress. On went the watch and bracelets and then the necklace followed by the earrings. Brushed my long hair and made sure to put the fift card into my purse. A couple sprays of perfume finished my outfit.

Then I had about a 20 minute ride to the restaurant. Walked in the entrance and the hostess asked how many? One I said The restaurant was quite full but therer was abooth open to which she directed me. I sat and was soon joined by Peter the waiter. I decided on soup and half sandwich. Peter came back to take the order and said to ask for him anytime. Seems a middle aged crossdresser did not bother him. Peter brought the soup and breadsticks which I let cool. I was having so much fun too! The sandwich came out from the kitchen and Peter brought a refill on the soup. It was quite good.

Peter must have gotten tied up with another table because a young woman came to the table and asked if I wanted anything else. She was smiling so my appearance did not seem to bother her. After lunch I wanted to wash my hands in the restroom so stopped briefly to clean up after lunch. I did not use the whole amount of the giftcard so will have to return soon.
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Nice experience. Would have been better if someone else go with you

Yes, that would be fun.

That's cool but it is too bad you didn't have another gal to go and have lunch with you. As for the change in servers it could have been that Peter went on break and the gal was filling in for him at his tables.<br />
I am glad to hear that you were out in public enjoying being yourself, having a good time.

That would have been fun!