Dressing Out

Not too long ago, I decided to get completely dolled up and to venture outside of the house. I spent an exorbitant amount of time primping & prepping, making sure that my makeup was perfect, my hair was stunning, nails painted, corset tightened, cleavage perfect...you get the picture. I picked out a great pair of shoes and grabbed my purse and headed out to my car. I decided that instead of the typical driving while dressed, this time I was going to venture further and actually go into a store, interact with some people and see how it goes.

I went to a drug store to buy some more makeup, I mean, a gal has to have choices when it comes to makeup, correct? I was soooo nervous, this was my first time actually being in front of others. My voice is not very feminine so I was scared to death when a cute 20 something girl came up to me and asked if I needed help in the cosmetics isle. I did in fact have her help me with picking a better foundation to match my skin tone and to my surprise, she was very helpful even though I am 100% certain she knew I am a CD.

When I checked out, a guy rang me up - he looked me over head to toe and kind of grunted and didn't say much of anything. My heart was racing a million miles a minute but I am sooooo glad that I did it!

I'll be going out again as Amber and this time, it'll be clothing shopping...can't wait!

AmberInPA AmberInPA
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Enjoyed your story. Sounds like you had a great time shopping for cosmetics. Let us know how the clothes shopping trip turns out. Go out dressed is so much fun!

Your clothing shopping trip is going to be so much better than yout drug sore one. You will see a much more accepting group of sales people there.

I have been dreaming of doing just that but still don't have the guts to go into a store while "Enfemme", maybe because I am not as secure about my own look, too many negative comments when i have gone out in public to parks or for a walk down a semi-busy street.:(

Good for you, Amber, and isn't it great to be out and about! When my girlfriend (who is now my wife) was satisfied with my presentation she encouraged me, getting me out in public, telling me that there was a big world to enjoy and that the world wouldn't stop, getting me to go with her into a busy mall on a Saturday afternoon. It didn't ... and now I enjoy going out, be it for shopping or what ever, being seen and accepted by others as a woman, either with her or by myself. It is great.