A Meeting Of The Minds

In 1987, I was dating a new women in my life. I lived in Victoria BC, and she lived in Kamloops BC. She was aware of my crossdressing, but asked me to keep it in the house for fun.

I would finish work at noon on Friday and be on the one o'clock ferry to the mainland and then be on the mainland for my drive. When I left the office I would change to a bra unter my sweater, and put nylons and panties unter my suit pants. While on the ferry, I would put on my skirt, remove my pants, put on my heals and put in my fake breasts. I would then add my wig and do my make-up and then go upstairs for dinner.

It was always exciting, and I met many wonderful folks who I came out to and got total support. I would then drive up the highway to Kamloops. Once I was doing 125 in a 110 per hour zone and was stoped by an RCMP officer. My heart sunk to my feet as he asked me for my drirer's license. He did a double take and ran the licence. He then asked me if I was really the man in the DL. I replied yes, but some times liked being dressed as who I belived I really was.

He handed my back my license and then we had a long talk. He was also a crossdresser but could never play at home or in the small town he lived. We became good friends and still send cards to each other on Birthdays and at Christmas.

Back to the story. I would get to Kamloops and pull into a truck stop. I would change back to my male presentation and clean off the makeup an and store everything in the trunck of the car.

I would repeat the process in opposite on my return.

More to follow
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Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Thank-you Sammis

Too bad you could not have stayed en femme for the whole whole weekend.

Yes, she loved to see me dressed, but would not let me show the two children. 10 years later, the children did know al about me.