Trapped In Womens Clothes

A few years ago I had the pleasure of having a female friend that helped me with my crossdressing. She would help me with makeup and getting dressed. The best thing is, she would also house my wardrobe in a closet in her house. Thus limiting my chances of being discovered. One saturday morning I went over and she helped me dress. I was venturing out for a drive, to have a little fun as Jessica. Feeling free and safe I left my males clothes behind in the closet and said see you later. I spent a few hours out dressed and came back to change back to male. To my surprise my friends redneck ex-husband had parked his pickup truck outside. As he had come over to visit. (He wanted her back and was very jealous and violent) Well I left the area and had to decide what I was going to do till he left.
I started to drive around aimlessly and then realized I needed gas! So I found a deserted gas station and used my credit card at the pump and filled up. It was very scary but exciting. I decided to take a drive to the mall. When I arrived it was rather busy so I didn't want to get out of my car. But those two Pepsi's I drank while getting dressed were coming back to haunt me. I knew I had to go in to use the bathroom or pee myself. Before I went into the mall I called my friend and she said he would be there another 3 or 4 hours before going to work! Ahhhh!
Well I went into the Mall via a department store. I walked around searching and finally found the ladies room. I hesitated but went in. Fortunately no one was in there. I used the facilities and then fixed my makeup. I exited the ladies room and proceeded to go shopping.
I was getting very nervous about not being able to get my male clothes. I was thinking what if he stays all night! What will I do? Even though I was scared I was excited about being a real woman for a day. The more I walked around the more comfortable I got. I soon actually bought a blouse and spoke to the sales girl. I then ventured out in the mall and visited some other stores. I ignored the stares and smiled at friendly faces. My feet were starting to hurt. So I went into a little restaurant and sat down for lunch.
All in all I spent 8 or 9 hours dressed as Jessica. Even thought I was terrified I couldn't get my clothes back, it was a very exciting experience. It made me realize when you go out dressed 97% of the people don't care or even notice you. I became at ease with going out as Jessica.
Go out dressed and have fun. (Have a back up set of clothes in the trunk!)
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Update, Trapped in women's clothes II
I have had a second experience of being trapped in women's clothes this time it was my own fault. I was visiting friends for the weekend. I had been staying in a motel room. I was leaving that day to go to another city for a transgender conference. I was in a rush to pack and leave. Little did I know after I had loaded the car, I forgot all my male clothes in the dresser. I went about my day happily in my new dress. As I was preparing to find a hotel to spend the night I realized I had left my clothes in the hotel room. A flood of fear came over me as I cussed every bad word I could think of. I was over an hour away from the previous hotel. So I called them, it had been 12 hours since I checked out. They informed me they check and there were no clothe there. Apparently the maid had thrown them away.
After I calmed down I realized I could just go buy the clothes to go home in. I checked in to the hotel fem and later that evening went shopping fem buying men's clothes. I was very weird doing my shopping in reverse. I had only shopped for female clothes while being fem.
After it was all over I laughed at myself and decided I would heed my own advice and keep back up set of clothes in the trunk.

both storys are very interesting,,, ty

As a TV myself with similar concerns, I have a question for you, ka851. When you were in the mall, the stores, the restaurant, etc., did the people you encountered think you were a real woman or was it obvious that you were not? In other words, did you pass in public?

The reason I ask is because I would love to do these sorts of things, but could never pass in public because my face is clearly masculine. I feel that the only time I could get away with it is Halloween. Otherwise, I worry about getting arrested.

Anyway, I congratulate you on your experience.

The point of the story is, people don't care. Almost no one noticed me as I walked around the mall. Of course you do get a few stares from unapproving people. But just ignore them. No one will arrest you for being dressed as a woman. The limitations are in our head. You can go out dressed and be accepted.

Just don't go to a biker bar

Thank-you for your quick response to my question, ka851. I realize that people in general don't care, but when it comes to a business such as a restaurant, store, movie theater or casino, I worry about the management and/or security guards.

I have gone out for a walk around the neighborhood after dark many times over the past several years. Usually there's no problem, but on a couple of occasions I have had people yell at me and tell me to "get out of here!" Of course, I just kept walking and said nothing.

Thanks again.

People generally will become territorial and protective in a neighborhood. If you go to a pubic place like a mall you blend into the crowd. Businesses are worried about lawsuits. Transgenders have legal protection in many states.

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Usually around the house I wear just about anything in front of the kids with the exception of skirts and dresses. One day I had on a tshirt and really short cut off shorts. Maybe 1/2 inseem. My wife wanted to run out to the local 7-11 for something and i didnt feel like changing so I just planned on sitting in the car while she and the kids ran in. As luck would have it the car battery choose that moment to go dead in the parking lot. I ended up having to walk about 3/4 mile to buy a new battery. But the guy at the auto parta store was kind enough to jump start the car for me so we could bring it to the store and change it out. Other than the guy sneaking a lot of looks at my legs I didn't get a single funny look

Sometimes being forced out of our comfort zone is the best thing that can happen!

Fabulous sweetie

good for you lady, i am glad you are able to be yourself

I can understand where it was a bit scary, Jessica, being out for the first time in public as yourself. But there is a big world out there to enjoy, doing things that other women do. Even though this experience as kind of a trial by fire, now you know and isn't it great?

Thanks for the encouragement to try this more often myself.

What a wonderul (albeit scarey) experience! Trial by fire, to be sure. Enjoyed reading about your outing and hope you have many more.

I absolutely love hearing this! What a wonderful experience as Jessica. I hope you're able to experience life as Jessica again soon. =)

I do, it was the day I realized that I could be a woman and enjoy being a woman any time I want.