Off Going Shopping

Hi all I have not posters a story for a long time I had to go shopping to buy
a gift . so as always do put on my femme unders , but is time i wore
womens shoes and top. Off I GO TO NJ macys . I buy a skirt and top, gloves and a dress for myself.
Is was fri.. The dress did not fix . I WOULD have ask to put it on but as always I was afaird to ask to lady at desk .She was so nice. she look at me real closes I had full makeup on, eyes, lips ever thing and she said nothing just smlie and did her job. I drove home undress before my wife come home from work. I felt great known one. ever give me a look So i will go back monday to retrun the dress and gloves so here it,s monday wife want to work at 9;30
at 9;31 i was in the bedroom gitting dress up for trip back to macys I FEEL GREAT I put on my best bra and underwear pads for hip.*** and bust , sweater
nylan and 2 1/2 in heels sorry no skirt I have handbag fill at up with makeup money cell kleenex I put mens shoe a jackit and the dress cloves in the trunk just cass. if I CAN DO IT. will I was seating in the car in the parking lot and I CAN T DO IT so i put on the men shoe go in and retrun. everthing went find so back to the car put on the heels grabed the handbag and say to my self lets do is. I jump out of the car look around people going and coming known looking it me I STOP I WILL go back in the car . the hell Im going to go shoping . I WALK to the store people pass by me . known ONE even look it me all dress up and in the store here I almost fully dress no wig but everthing alse I look around started shoping I think a few peolpe look at me but said nothing, a women follow me look it me and walk off. the more I walk around the better I FELT
IT time to go home. it was great going to do it again . I had a wig and earing in the car so I put them on for the drive home I pull up in front of my house with ever on my next door she was rigth behind me going down the block .I PULL OFF THE WIG and earrings got out of the car walk down the driveway said hello and want into my home she can hear my heel clipping
down the drive way and maybe my makeup I had my handbag too will
maybe yes maybe no but there is nothing I CAN DO . I HOPE YOU LIKE
THE STORY we all have some story of being out I HOPE THIS IS NOT ONE LOVE TO ALL DORIS B
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Dec 10, 2012