My First Time After Marriage

Two years after my marriage and then be very humbled by my wife, I decided to take revenge and have a relationship with a man, as I had before marrying. Once when she was traveling to work, I called some men who had sex with me before marriage. Fortunately, I found one that was available and arranged to meet at his house for the same day.

I was all excited and spent all day in anticipation for tonight. I went shopping and bought a panties, skirt and other feminine things to stay very sexy for my man.

When evening came, I me rode all and went to your apartment. He was waiting for me only in underwear and told me to enter. Told me he had been married and divorced and had never me forgotten the my *** smoother and softer. The way I me performed with him. As he spoke was removing my clothes and caressing my ***. Soon his **** was already hard and rubbing my body. In short, it was a wonderful evening, as I no had since married.
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10 Responses Dec 13, 2012


a very exciting story

Looks like u had a great time... What revenge were you taking?

that would be nice to do that you are lucky I would like to have man is inside me

This is so lovely. I know how nice it is when you can have a man all to yourself. When I was at college my fiance's brother came down and spent a weekend with me. I had bought a different set of lingerie for each day, and I ended up only using one nighty the whole weekend. We had sex all weekend and I loved the feeling of being taken over and over. The first day after we had sex the first time I brought him a beer after I swallowed a big load from him. He drank about half of it and he was ready to go again. When he finally left I was so sore. So yes I know how wonderful it is to be with a real man.

Naughty sexy!!!

Sounds like you had a good time x

Good for you. He is a lucky man.

Sounds like it was quite an enjoyable evening.

Lovely story, thanks for sharing