Walking In The Rain

I got all dressed tonight. I was in my knee length skirt and white cotten blouse,I had on my red lacy bra under the blouse and had my breast forms in the bra. I decided to wear my knee high boots. I was enjoying relaxing around the house dressed like this. We had origanally planed to go to the club with a couple friends but they chose not to go out with it raining so hard. I decided that I was going to walk to the end of the block and check our mail at the group box at the corner.

My wife wa surprised that I was going out without her and not driving. She stood in the front door to watch me. I wasnt half way to the mail box and I was soaked. My blouse was so wet it was like I wasnt wearing it and my red bra was showing through it. I didnt panic as a few cars drove past. One was a cop, I just enjoyed my little walk. When I walked back into the house my wife reached up and grabbed my breasts.

"Those silicone breast forms look so rea," she told me. As you came walking up the driveway I could see your bra and your nipples thru it. I had to see so I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and she was right. Under the wet blouse and bra it looked just like I had real ****. I am serously thinking about getting bigger ones
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Jan 6, 2013