I Went Out

I have gone out dressed but only with my wife along. On those occassions we went to a local gay bar where there is many CDs or to private parties with other couples we swing with and know and enjoy my dressing.

This morning I woke up about 3 in the morning. I was feeling frisky and decided to get dressed and go out for a drive. When I do this I usually go through a drive thru and get a soda making sure that the person in the window can see I am wearing a womans top. My wife asked what I was doing and I told her. She said have fun and was back alseep before I was dressed. When I go out for these drives I dont wear my wig.

I drove around for about 20 minutes and started to go thru a McDonalds drive thru. Right next door to it was a Shell station. I got to feeling bold and since I saw no one in the station I decided to go gas up my car. I could do that without going inside. I was wearing a mini skirt and heels and a black spegetti straped top.

As I was putting gas in mt car I was feeling really good. I decided to go inside and buy a lottery ticket. I looked around and didnt see anyone so I kicked up my courage and walked across the lot and right into the store. The clerk asked if he could help me before he looked up. I saw the surprise in his eyes but didnt stop I asked for my lottery tickets. He rang them up and I walked out and back to my car just as I saw a car pulling in. Their headlights hit me so I knew there was no way they didnt see me. Just as I got in my car a very hot young lady got out of the other car and ran to mine. I rolled my window down and she had a big smile. She apoligized for bothering me. Hwe husband was also a CD. He was dressed right then but was always to afraid to go out. When she saw me she thought that I might talk to him about it. It seems he has onlt been dressing for a few years.(So she thought)

I figured what the hell why not help another CD. I followed them to their house. She put on a pot of coffee. We sat around the kitchen table and began chatting about crossdressing. I found that she was 26 and he was 31. Right then he was weaing an evening dress with black heels. She told me that he had on black silk panties under it.

I told him about my years of hiding it and how much better it felt being open about it and how lucky he was to have a wife that encouraged him. She told me that he wouldnt even go with her to shop for his cloths. I told him he should go with her. Its a lot of fun shopping together.

She told him to go change and start showing me his outfits. He had about tem dresses and then he started modeling his skirts and blouses. There was alot of them.. Then he started modeling his lingerie.. I was getting aroused seeing him in his sexy nighties. He came out wearing a sheer babydoll with a sheer thong panty. I loved it. When he went abck to change she jumped up and told me the rest of his lingerie, they had bought matching and asked if I wanted to see both of them in them. Hell yes I wanted to see both. This woamn was ******* hot. On a scale of 1-10 she was at least a 12.

They both left the room and in a few minutes returned wearing a shoor black baby doll. It was so sheer it was like wearing noting at all. Her body was hotter than I had imagined. They modeled 4 more outfits before they both came out wearing a pink teddy.It had a thong back and barley covered her *****. His balls were hanging out. My **** was already hard and breaking out of my panties. I could help myself. I pulled it out and started stroking it right there in front of them.

She asked me if I would let him jack me off. I was glad to have the help. He took my **** and started stroking it. She watched intently and comments that it was sexy. I shot a big load and after I was done she licked my cumm off of his hand then she had him get a towel and clean me.

We sta and chatted for along time more. Thats when he admitted that he had been dressing since he was a teenager, like most of us. I looked at the clock and it was almost 9:30. We had been talking for almost 4 hours. I asked them if I could take a picture of them with my phone so I could show my wife where I had been. They agreed that I could.

I walked into the house just as my wife was making coffee. she looked at the clock and smiled. "You must have ahd a good time."  I told her about what had happened. I showed her the picture. She thought they both looked sexy but really wanted to do the woman. We had wild sex as we waited for the coffee.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Wow, serendipity and a chance to communicate with someone else with so much to share.

Although I don't recommend going out late at night by ourselves, Brandy, it does sound like you had a great time, meeting another CDer and her wife. I imagine that you and your wife will be getting together with them ... eah? ;-)