My Fantasy Vacation

I am a life long CD that has become more comfortable out in public dressed. I often fantasize about living 24/7 as a woman. My fantasy vacation would be to leave all my male clothes behind and set off driving as Jessica to a far away vacation spot. I would be forced to do everything as a woman. Get gas, Go out to eat, check in the hotel, go shopping (of course).
It is a scary but exciting thought. I have taken long trips before dressed, but always had fall back clothing with me. I hope to make my adventurous vacation soon.
Does anybody else have this fantasy? Want to come with?
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7 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I have often thought about taking a long train trip like the Empire Builder (Seattle to Chicago) or California Zephyr (San Francisco to Chicago) Hop on the train and see the country from the rails. How much more exciting it might be to do it en femme.<br />
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If you go straight through its about 2full days (and nights) on the train .. staterooms, dining cars and just relaxing. Maybe even breaking up the trip at a few stops along the way .. Denver, Reno, Glenwood Springs or maybe Yellowstone on the Empire Builder. Hopping off the train in a new place is always fun .. but finding a hotel, meals and sightseeing en femme ... hmmm ... what an adventure!!

Traveling enfemme is always a treat. Recently I was flying home from Ft. Lauderdale. I left the hotel dressed in a long black striped skirt and coral top. My make up was perfect. I went to lunch and filled the rental car. When I got to the airport, I checked my bag and there was no turning back. The woman at TSA just smiled and did not cause a fuss. I then boarded the airplane for a 5 hour flight.

When I got to San Francisco, I found out my next flight was cancelled and this was the last flight of the night. So off to the customer service counter with ticket in hand. The ticket agent looked at my ticket (in my male name) and looked at me. He addressed me as Miss .......
and gave me a voucher for an overnight hotel, meal vouchers, and booked me on a morning flight.

Next, I took the bus to the hotel and checked in. I had to show an ID and credit card but since I acted with confidence, the front desk clerk was very respectful.

Make sure you take extra makeup ladies, so you can look good the next morning.

Always a lovely dream!

A t friend of mine (Fran from Vancouver) did exactly that, driving across Canada dressed. That would take tons of confidence, among other things!

Your story was like i had wrote it!! my very same thoughts!!! AHHH so good to dream!

That sounds like it would be alot of fun. I have a similar fantasy with a few days spent on the beach. I hope you get back to us and let us know how things went on you vacation.

i would love to go with you on that trip and make love every night