First Time Out In New Year!

I finally had a chance to go out as Patti, first time in the new year. I put on my bra, panties, pantyhose and did my makeup. I put on my wig and then my green sweater and red multicolor skirt and my mary janes. I put on my new women's jacket, grabbed my handbag and went out to my car. I sat in the car for a moment deciding on whether to go to Walmart or Kmart. I decided to go to Kmart, I was hoping to see my favorite salesgirl, Lizzy who had sold me many female clothes but had never seen me dressed as a woman. I parked in the parking lot and walked into Kmart. I walked past the registers looking for Lizzy but did not see her so I just walked around the store looking at perfume and a few other things. I ended up in the shoe department and found that they had received a lot of new shoes (yay!). I tried on a few pairs that I liked and then found a really cute pair of Jaclyn Smith pumps. I tried them on and they fit perfectly but they were a little too expensive. Sadly, I put the pumps back on the shelf, deciding to wait for them to go on sale to return and buy them. I then went to look at the dresses and skirts. I could really use something casual. There were a few cute dresses, but nothing really caught my eye. I walked past the registers again, looking for Lizzy, but did not see her. I hope I get to see her the next time so I can tell her that I was looking for her. I leff the store and went to my car. After a quick stop at Walgreens, I returned home. After getting home, I made some coffee and brought it out to the front porch to drink, hoping to see some of my neighbors, but nobody was around. I love being a woman and find that I love being around people as a woman.
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I returned to Kmart about a week later. This time I wore a dark blue top and light blue long skirt. Walking around the store, I spotted Lizzy working at customer service. She was very busy with customers. I tried to think of an excuse to go to customer service but could not come up with one so I headed for the woman's section and spotted a denim skirt which I just had to have. On purpose, I brought the skirt to the register closest to customer service, but Lizzy was still very busy. I was happy to see Lizzy but disappointed not to speak with her. I will have to come up with an excuse to need her assistance for the next time.

Good for you Patti! See, it is more fun to be out and about in public as ourselves, a woman. Maybe next time you go K-Mart maybe Lizzy will be there, which would be nice, but even so it is so much fun to just be out and doing things that any other woman does.