Talk With My Wife

I talked with my wife recently about going on vacation. I told her I would enjoy spending a few days as a women, traveling without any male clothes. I can't say that she was thrilled with the idea (understatement). But, after the temperature had cooled off a bit, it did lead to some good discussions. While she would like it to simply go away, I assured her that was unlikely. I have had this interest for several decades. At times pushing it away out of shame, but more recently trying to embrace it and coming to terms with who I am. While normal is defined by the individual (what is normal for one, may be odd to another), I have come to accept the crossdressing is normal for me. In fact, the times that I am out dressed are very enjoyable, and are times when I feel more alive then when appearing as "normal".
How do others feel?
juliemarie2 juliemarie2
61-65, M
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

That is great. It is good to know how you want to live.

It is great, Julie, that you and your wife now are having open discussions about your dressing. That should help both of you with understanding. Now as for going on vacation together with you dressing full time for a few days, she may not be up for that right now but give it time.