At The Mall

Yesterday my wife and I went to the mall. We always walk from one end to the other and then back. Of course we always have to stop at Victoria Secret and Fredericks and if we spot something that looks fun or sexy in any of the ladies wear stores. I was wearing a black lacy thong under my pants with its matching bra. Its been cold here in N Calif so I was wearing my heavy zip up sweater over it. I always have the zipper down just enough that a little of the lace on the bra shows.

Anyway, we were in Fredericks and had spotted some really sexy panties. I was holding three or four pair when I dropped one. I bent over to pick it up and a gentelman ( I use that term loosley ) saw my panties.

He went balistic, he started screaming at me that I was some kind of freak for wearing womens cloths and what kind of sissy man would wear womens cloths. I started to get in his face but didnt have to.My wife got in his face and began to tell him what a narrow minded ******* he was. That what anyone wears shouldnt matter. She reached over and unzipped my sweater while still in his face and dared him to say a word. We know one of the clerks and she started getting on him and told him such behavior wasnt allowed in the store but the best part was when his wife jumped on him. She agreed with my wife atht what I wear doesnt matter. She actually complimented me for having the courage to enjoy what I like to do. She told him that I should be allowed to walk the mall in a dress if that is what I like.

After the wife was done with him my wife grabbed my wallet and proceeded to show him my I.D. showing that I am a retired Police Officer to prove that just because I like to wear sexy cloths doesnt mean I dont know how to be a man.

I am so lucky to have such a great wife
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5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

What a great story. Your wife is terrific as is the associate.

It's a wonderful thing to have a great wife.

I got a "good talking to" (to put it politely, although it wasn't polite) while in full dress from an old lady, my voice gave me away.

LOL what a great story! You should have asked him what kind of pervert he was to be checking out another guys *** and underwear!

WOW ... you've got a great wife, Brandy, and a great clerk at that store too! Of course the icing on the cake is when that jerks wife got on his case as well. Wonderful ...

That's great Brandy and yes I've gotton some really helpful clerks that I become friends with even, setting things aside that they think I would like in my size and telling me about forth coming sales ... even giving me preferred customer status.

God bless your Wife and thank you for all the public service you provided over the years. Your Woman and mine are very similar and we are the fortunate ones. We adore them for not only their ability to "think out of the box" but to stand up to ridiculous stereotypes. They are truly unique among women. I do believe more and more females in general are opening their mind and finding there are many aspects to cross dressers that are desirable.