My Wife Doesn't Want Me To

When I confessed to my wife that I do, she asked that I keep it inside our home. I've ventured outside a few times LATE at night a few times. I've taken out the garbage and checked the mail.
I've done this in a more urban apartment. More recently, I have in a more rural setting. I wish that I could more often, but realize the stigmas attached in our area.
JosetteLaRoc JosetteLaRoc
3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Last weekend my gf, who supports me 100%, took me fully dressed to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and then to a lesbian bar afterward and we had the BEST time! It was my VERY first time and it could NOT have gone BETTER! I am NOT naive to think that ALL outings will be like that but I am who I am and this is MY life and the ONLY two people that have ANY say in HOW I live it are myself and the loving, supportive, and caring woman who supports me. Those in the world who don't approve can kiss my _ _ _! This is OUR life and this is OUT time to LIVE it. Life is going by TOO fast and we ALL have an inherent RIGHT to be HAPPY, so be yourself and remember that all that matters is how YOU feel about who YOU are!

It's hard not to go out when all dressed up, isn't it?

That is a bummer for half the fun for me is going out and about dressed and accepted as a woman by others, doing every day chores that women do. But at least Josette your wife is okay with your dressing at home ...