Dressing Up.

My wife and I moved out of our small flat and into a larger first floor flat with a balcony over looking a footpath, which joined two roads. Any way to cut a long story a bit shorter, we got a bit short of money so my wife got a job in a nightclub, this meant she was going to work at around nine in the evening and wasn’t finishing until around two in the morning. I didn’t like her walking home at that time of night so I use to go and pick her up. This was three nights a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. So now I had time to myself and slowly I was getting the urge to dress up, I had the time, I took her to work just before nine and picked her up at about two thirty, this gave me about five and a half hours to do what I wanted.
To start with I was dressing up and taking photos in front of the mirror. Then I was dressing up and doing things in the kitchen like washing up and general cleaning all the while I was video filming it and watching for up skirt glimpses in the playback. Soon I was sitting dressed up and watching tv, I looked out of the window and it was quite windy, so I went out onto the balcony , oh boy this was a new sensation, I could stand there, have a cigarette and just wait for the wind to blow my skirt up, I had set up my video camera on its tri-pod filming every minute, sadly these films are no longer, thrown away in various moves.
I did this every weekend for almost a year, then I just got bored of the balcony, I then got dressed up, got in my car and drove about looking for places to go ”Walking” as I called it. I found loads of places and had a lot of experiences “Walking”.
About two years later things changed, my wife and I had split up, not on bad terms we just grew apart, she did give me the flat which was good. So there I was, on my own in this flat with all the time in the world to do what I liked, when I liked. I was soon back on my feet, dressing up again. But this time I was going out, dressed as a guy and buying new stuff, I had drawers full of pantyhose/stockings, panties of all colors, matching bras. I had even made false breasts to pack out the bras in various sizes.
The clothes ranged from skirt suits for that business look right through to short mini-skirts for that daring “Walk”. I had collected a variety of wigs, black long, black short, blond long, blond short I even had one short one that was black and purple it was well cool and got used a lot. Shoes and boots, I had knee high “go go boots in black leather and black suede also shoes in black leather and suede with heels up to five inches high, of which by now I could walk really well in, I was also using a female name, Katy, why I chose that I don’t know..
If you want to hear of any of my “Walks” which were over a seven year period, let me know. I’ve had a lot of good one’s, I’ve had a couple of bad one’s and even a few that I’m not very proud of (over 21’s only) but I had to get out of a situation..
Katy. x
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I can understand why you got a bit bored with the porch and going for walks. My wife, who knew about my dressing from our second date and thought it was great, got me out for walks after about 6 months of us going together. First it was walks together in a park near us, then it was to a shopping mall on a busy Saturday afternoon. So yes I would love to hear about some of your walks and maybe one of these days when I have some time I tell about a couple of mine as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience, i will post more in the coming days/weeks. I love walking the parks etc, i have only gone out in daylight to a heavily populated area on about 4 occasions. I hope you want to hear about the good, the bad and the "not so proud".

Definitely ....

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