Tarted Up For Drunk Men

I really tart myself up on friday and saturday nights. Shave my legs ect..then put on some lingerie...last week it was a black lace body, sheer barely black nylons. Black chiffon blouse, Denim mini & 5in strappy sandals. Loads of makeup, perfume, earrings and as i've long hair already (usually looks scruffy) i put it up in cute bunches.
I walk by pubs at closing time my arse chewin the proverbial carmel looking like a ***** who deserves a good pounding. I love the drunk comments from straight men. and always flirt. 
 ANYWAY Iv'e sucked off 5 guys and been ****** by 2, one who did me good on his stairs as his drunk wife slept on the couch,.. x
trannyintights trannyintights
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Oh wow!! That's so sexy!!!

they don't know or let on mostly. Only 1 guy has turned me down. i swallow a wee bit. yum yum xx