A Embarrassing Beach Walk

After my “I dare you” bicycle ride I found myself daring to push the envelope further, I used the balcony of my flat to try out new skirts and dresses, just to see how they would react in the wind. I do like going around the local second hand shops and flea markets looking for clothes, freshly washed of course, you can find some real bargains there. On this occasion I found a dark blue schoolgirl gymslip, now I know what your thinking, this is going to be very, very short but once I had it on it didn’t look too bad, it actually came down to around half way down my thighs.
I tried it with all sorts, plain pantyhose, black pantyhose, stockings and suspenders and even hold up stockings eventfully I decided on plain pantyhose as these made my legs look naked, on my feet in had a pair of knee high black boots. Thankfully being in my early twenties I could get away with this look as it seamed to be the fashion here at the time. I went outside onto my balcony to have a cigarette, the gymslip lifted slightly in the breeze, just enough for the pleats to open out, but not enough to go right up and inside out. I stood out there until I finished my cigarette. The skirt behaved well so I decided to go out, I did my make up and put on a short dark wig, on top a tight turtle neck and my short black jacket.
I drove my car through town to the beach front, there is a small park so I parked in there and got out. The wind was a little stronger down there but not too bad. I locked the car and began my walk through the park to the beach, I was dark but the park has small shelters every fifty meters or so and these are lit. As I walked my boots clicked on the sidewalk, I love this sound I don’t think I could ever tire of hearing it.
I walked out of the gate of the park and up to the road crossing, there was a couple of cars approaching so I had to push the button and wait for the lights to change, I was hoping that the cars would have passed before the lights changed but no, the lights changed , stopped the cars and I had walk across the road in front of them both and just my luck both cars were full of young lads, as I tried to walk casually across the wind blew hard and took my skirt right up, I tried franticly to push it back down, but I had to do it to the sound of car horns and cheering, but I had to keep walking, there was no where else to go. Once they had driven off I walked back through the park and to my car, my heart pounding in my chest.
That was one of my first embarrassing moments, but it didn’t stop me or put me off.
More another day.
Katy. X
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Why was it embarrassing? Did they see a guy in drag, or did they get a treat from the wind and a young women? If it is the second, I would think you would feel successful.

It was mixed feelings at the time.

Its a wonderful free feeling to go outside in fem...;-)

Oh yes. ;-)