Great time last night.Seemed to take ages getting ready and a big thanks to my sister who done my hair and make up.I met a man yesterday who i went for a coffee with and he asked me out so i thought what the hell he's nice .I wore a scalloped necked blue dress that showed just a hint of cleavage which was boosted by my black satin wonderbra.
Decided to go with black satin panties and sheer holdups and black patent heels.
Smelling of perfume I got to a bar in town and Mark was waiting for me and kissed me on the cheek and said "You look and smell gorgeous Nicole" Mark looked great and he is very well built and he towered over me even with my heels on.
He took me to a busy bar and when I went to the ladies to touch up my lippy some girls asked me where I got the dress as they loved it. Aftre a few drinks we went to a disco were we danced and flirted with each other and during a slow song He held my waist and squeezed me tight and I could feel him getting hard. He apologised but I wispered naughtily in his ear that i dont mind infact i was loving it.
His hands were feeling my butt and then he kissed me deeply and said lets go back to mine. (more to follow if you like this so far)
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10 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Oh my I'm all excited. Such a sexy sweet story.

Please tell us more !!

a very sensual story

cant wait for the follow up xx

OK, we will jus have to wait, it seems.

Mark sounds like a keeper!

You have a great sister, helping you get ready, Nicole.

That is so wonderful!

Lucky girl.

Oh yes, please more.