First time was when I was smuggled out of our house at 7.00pm on a Friday night to go down to a South London ice rink. I was 12y.o. and my 3 big sisters had me in a tiny skating dress and a big orange coat, all my sisters hand-me-downs. It was disco-night and we all skated and had gr8 fun. As I hit 13, the poblems started to appear, ha,ha.w
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very sensual story

No my problem was my sisters bf's lil brother. He thought I was cute and skated with me, which was nice. You see he thought I was really a girl and would hold my hand and waist as we skated. I was a very confused kid. Yes I was a boy who was very interested in girls and yes I did look kinda cute in my lil skimpy skating dress, tights an whte skates. I also loved the fuss he made of me, all attentive and soo willing to please. A few months earlier 2 of my sisters jumped me and together forced me to wear a training bra, then teased me in it. Now if I went skating with them I would put it on in case "Peter" was there. My evil sisters caught on to this and made a big issue of getting their lil sister ready for her bf with making up my face and doing all sorts to my hair (long, blonde at the time). This effort on their part wasn't to make me gay, but jus to get rid of their bf lil brother on me to have the boys all to themselves. Life gets very complex at 12 years old.

Care to talk, I'd love to hear more

Okay, now I understand what your 'problem' was! ;-)

That's great Gracie and what great sisters you have! As for the 'problem' you had, you mean puberty?

ooh, i envy you that experience.

I have I pink skater dress tat I wear some times. Very short and I love the way it flairs out. I always have a pantie girdle on with a dress to hold everything in the proper place.

Love the skating dress looks.