After having a slow dance in a club we went back to Marks place which was a trendy flat near the town so we walked with his arm round my waist.I felt so feminine and the slight breeze round my legs was lovely.
Not far from his flat mark stopped and kissed me deeply and I could feel his hardness again pressing into me.
Once we were inside he opened a bottle of wine and sat next to me on the sofa and we started kissing and his hand slowly stroked my nylon covered legs.
We were getting rather turned on at this point when he kissed my neck and unzipped my dress then i was down to my bra ,knickers and stockings.He soon was naked and we lay on the sofa kissing and feeling each other.
Mark led me into his bedroom and we got into bed with him naked and me in my bra and knickers he unhooked my bra and started to kiss my nipples which i love.I took his swollen **** and give him a sensual blow job but he stopped me before he came.
Mark peeled my knickers off and began to explore me with his tongue which drove me wild.i lay on my back and felt his **** sliding into me and my legs went over his shoulders and he made love to me for ages and i have never felt so womanly for ages.
When he eventually came i felt his **** swell even more and exploded deep inside me this sent me over the edge ands I experienced what would only described as a whole body ******.We both fell into an exhausted sleep but it was not the first time we made love that night Luckly I had a day off the next day as I was shattered.will I be seeing him again You bet i will.xxxx
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8 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I would love to date a Tgirl like this !! One day I will find her.

Must be nice to be treated and as a woman. ;-)

You seem to have met a perfect gentleman :D

Oh so lucky! I'm dying with envy.

those moments of feeling giry n feminine like that is why we do it, isn't it? luv it when my insides go funny n knees want to buckle...

Wanted to be friends, but you have that option blocked.

Me too. I don't consider myself a crossdresser any more. I feel at this I am a woman.

How wonderful and perfect that is!

As it was meant to be. This is what being a woman is all about. Huggzz

Great night Nichole. I hope you and Mark grow together as a couple.