My wife sometimes lets me out in full femme mode,wig makeup blouse skirt 5" heels ......has let me go to a RSL club,the movies and a casino. I few looks but no one usually cares, but I do! love being me! and also people looking at me in my super sexy heels.....waiting for the day a guy idles up and offers me a drinks..ooooooo I'm all tingly
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what is an RSL club?
That's really cool. And congrats on a really awesome wife!

Good for your wife but it is a little surprising she hasn't gotten you out more. My wife did with me starting as soon as we were married and yes I've been hit on many times. So no doubt you will be too!

she lets me dress as much as I can , but still have adult aged kids living at home :(
she buys me stuff all the time and knows about my high heel weakness, I own way more heels than her :)

id love it if my wife would do this for me

hang in there.....xx