Enjoying Being Dressed

After my separation from my wife I started to live my life as I wanted to. I wanted to be a women and so I would dress my self up and go to Toronto even if I just wanted to go window shopping it was just so much fun. The best time I ever had going out dressed was when a Friend of mine came with me to the CDC club and I got all dressed with wig and makeup the whole works and we went to a lesbian bar The POPE JOAN with all the other lesbians there and danced the night away. I had a great time. I never worried about being read if someone asked me if I was a guy I would just say yes and this is how I prefer to dress. I was just one other women in 5 billion women on the planet each with there own look. LOVE Samantha

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Love you girl.
I am from Ontario.Lets talk.
I am 6o and real good looking dressed up

Hello where in Ontario are you? I live in Newmarket

Good for you sweetie!!!!!!! Be true to yourself and enjoy life.

Hello first off no she was so very unaccepting of my wanting to dress and a lot of other things when we were together so I found out after we got married.<br />
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No i always found most mature sales people were just glad to be able to help you and in the end sell what ever it was. You do run into the odd young sales guy or girl that has not had to deal with a lot of people and they find it funny if your buying women's stuff for your self but you just brush it off and continue on with what you trying to buy. Eventually they learn that not every thing is black and white in our world.

I am glad you have found yourself. I use to work in retail and a guy come in and buy a bridesmaid gown for a wedding he was going to be in , in SF. IT was so much fun trying to fit a "different body type for once. Although I was the best sales lady ever. I always wonder how other people would react in the same situation? What response do you get while shopping? I was also curious If you ever dressed up with ur ex, or was she just very un-excepting?

Hi well in London go you not have a gay section of the city? but maybe you do have gays but a very small percentage so maybe you do not. I have not been any where else other than<br />
Toronto. <br />
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London caters for all the flavours of the queer rainbow.
No London doesn't have a gay area as such. Isn't it that, that makes London the difference.
LGBT socialise all over the town and totally free to do it.
Londoners won't bother you if you don't bother them.
Its not there business, they have probably seen it all before anyway,lol.

It sounds like I need to leave my wife & move to Toronto with my wig & collection of angora!

Hi girls if your city or town has any kind of a gay community start there and go out. I have gone out in our community here and had a great time as my stories will tell you. check your local dating agency where you live or the one that covers your area and fill out a profile but if you go to meet someone then do as all other women do meet in a public place and let someone know where you are going. Always plan to be safe.

yes it sure looks that way and I really do not know why. I have been wanting and doing since 84 when I separated from my wife and I have never had a bad time. That is here in Toronto though and it might be different in other cities but if you do not try you will never know how it will be accepted. Samantha

Hello yes i do not understand it. I don't know if they are afraid the neighbors will find out or what it is. The same goes with a CD'er filling out a profile for a dating agency like ALT.com I have talk to a few and they want to get together but try ans get them to actually meet you. I know another fellow here in our town. We hit it off really well we found out that we have a lot in Common besides being CD'ers we spent over two hours talking the first time but do you think I can get a response from him lately NOPE not even hello. So I am lost with these girls. Samantha

Congratulations, most cd's just fantasize about doing what you did. Robbie

I need to visit Toronto. It would be so fun to go out.

That is right I do not know how things are as far as acceptance goes in other cities around the world but i do know that in Toronto it is such a multi-cultural city that everyone accepts most goings on with out to much hassle. LOVE Samantha

Way to go! Toronto is a wonderful city to explore. The natives are very open to us girls.<br />

Good for you Samantha - that story should inspire many more of our kind to go ahead and really be their true selves. Well done.

You go girl. Take that tiger by the tail and show the world the real you. So many of us spend our entire lives having to be someone else.<br />
Love Michelle. xxx

Thank you for that lovely comment. LOVE Samantha.

That is the best story. I can't emagine a better time. Good for you. that is awesome.

Thank you. Samantha

Wonderful. I'm happy for you. Best wishes following your path.