I've just come back from the mall. I went shopping for a new dress. I was cross dressed. It was great!

JoanneF JoanneF
36-40, F
6 Responses Nov 9, 2009

Tell us about the dress.

It's great to shop when dressed in some feminine outfit,plus you must act very feminine to gain the best benefit . I have been told many times by shop assistants ,that they love my choice of outfits ?

i dont get it? women dressed in guys cloths,,is not a big deal. you stated you're gender as female..confussed ;(

We're proud of you! It's fun, eh? I love it, when the salesladies are helpful. (They are supposed to treat us, as they would any other woman out spending money in their store.)

you go girl

was that your first time out shopping crossdressed ?