To My Mom's Work Place

After a while when my mom was more comfortable with me cding.  She didn't mind we doing it.  But she didn't want her boyfriend to find out.  And I didn't want him to as he was a good thing for her since she was a bit lonely after our dad left.  So she asked if I would like to go into work with her that day.  She had to get some stuff done that had to be turned into the boss by monday.  I thought sure why not.  She kind of smiled and said you can even dress up to go over there.  I was like are you sure I don't want to get caught by anyone.  Especially at her work place.  She said no it will be fine.  So I went and got dressed.  My mom just wore some biege hose jeans and a sweater top with some black heels.  I wasn't sure what to wear.  My mom said well why don't you wear what I usually wear a buisness skirt suit.  I thought ok cool.  I put on some black control top phose black bra.  Light pinkish blouse black mid thigh skirt and matching coat.  I put on some black 3 1/2 mary janes my mom gave me from her stash.  I put my make up on and wig as well.  That was one thing I got complemented on from my mom and sisters was my make up and my legs.  The one condition to me getting to wear female clothes at my mom's work place was I had to get dressed at home and bring no male clothes at all.  I thought now I now where my sisters get their devlish behavior from.  After I was ready I grabbed a long black coat my mom gave me from her wardrobe.  She said ok missy are you ready to go to work.  I was excited and said yes I am.  We both laughed and off the work we went.  It was nice as I was sitting in the front.  I was a bit scared as I wasn't sure who might recognize me.  But I was wearing some sunglasses so you couldn't really tell to much.   My mom would giggle a little as she would look at me.  I was like what she said oh nothing its hard to believe that you look pretty female in you attire.  And not bad I might add.  I felt flattered but was still a bit nervous.  As we got there.  She pulled into the parking lot and we got out and went in.  She worked at a 10 story building.  As we walked to the front entrance I loved how the chilly wind felt on my legs.  It felt so good.  I noticed that on a few of the other neighboring buildings that there were some other buisness women going in and wearing hose heels and skirts as well.   As we entered we went straight to the elevator.  And up the to the 7th floor.  We exited the elevator and went to my moms office.  She unlocked it and we went in.  There were some cubicles outside of the other offices that went around the 7th floor.  My mom told me I could sit in the one outside of her office and just type or what ever.  As no one was going to be in today.  I sat there and turned on her computer and my mom got me on and I just typed and playes some computer games threw out the day.  Here the phone rang at where I was sitting.  I didn't know if I should pick it up.  But I thought what the hell.  Here it was my mom.  She said she wanted some coffee and told me where to go.  I got up and walked to their break room where they have their coffee pot.  I made some coffee and brought it to my mom.  I felt so fem while walking around the office area dressed up.  I just loved sitting there typing and crossing my nylond legs and sometimes doing a little shoe dangle.  After a while my mom said ok missy its time to go.  We closed her office up and I shut the computer off at where I was sitting.  I grabbed my coat and we got on the elevator and went to the ground floor and exited the building and made our way to the car.  As we got in I told my mom that I had alot of fun doing that.  She said I thought you might as you like to dress up and I figured maybe you would like to be out and about.  I said well I did and it was fun.  After which my mom and I drove home and got to our apt.  I got in and I knew why women always took their heels off.  As your feet get so sore from wearing them all day long.  It felt so good to massage my hose feet for a bit.  While my mom was getting changed I did the same.  I got cleaned up and undressed.  I put my underwear back on socks, sweats and t shirt.  My mom said well you had a good day at work would you like to do that again some time.  I said I sure would.  She said thats what I thought.  Well just have to see.  Now lets make something to eat. 

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How is this possible???? My Mom caught me dressing and all she did was tell me that I would go to hell etc., etc. You have such a wonderful Mom, but its so hard for me to understand how my Mom was the way she was and your Mom (and others) were so super. I read a lot from "Petticoat Discipline" and there are quite a few ladies in this big world that are like your Mom.

What happened to me?????

That would be so much fun to go to work in a office like the girls in Mad Men. Plus th bonus of having a supportive Mother to boot. ;-)

It's ashamed she didn't take you out to eat or do a little shopping that day! That would have been a good ending for a wonderful day!

thanks for that wonderful story. I problably won't go to work dressed up not for want to but taking a chance in losing my job. Any ways this is twice i have read this and still love it.

Just read of your fantastic experience with your mom. You sure are 1 lucky "gurl" to have a wonderful mom like yours! I know what you mean about wearing heels but I sometimes think the pain is worth it to help us feel so much more feminine!

great story have a friend here in philly,pa...

What a wonderful story, so very nice and it sounded like so much fun xx

Very nice, have you thought about working as a woman?

Now that would have been a wonderful day. I'm so happy for you :):)

Lucky girl, lovely story.

What a wonderful story. I wish I could have worked in your mum's office that day. It would be even more exciting during a regular work day when the cubicles are all full of other women. Driving to work as a woman, entering the elevator as a woman, sitting in a cubicle as a woman, going to the break room as a woman... hey, no "as a woman" any more... you definitely ARE a woman. Loved your story!

lovely story.....very cute x

Amazing Story Loved It

what a lucky gal, that had to be a perfect day, simple and yet so much fun

You r so so lucky !!!!

you have a very cool mom

Wonderful Mom you have, thank you for sharing. My Mom bought me fem clothes when I was a kid but told me not to wear them out side of my bed room.

next thing you need to do is have a big daddy bear come get that pretty pudding, hmmmm. and your mom is single? and you have sisters? wanna dress up for me and let them show you how to entertain daddy?

What a lucky young lady you are! How wonderful to be allowed to express your feminine self like that. You have a great mom! I'm 57 and don't have the freedom I would like to really be me!<br />
<br />
Enjoy life and embrace your femininity!

Hi, <br />
<br />
Thanks so much for a reallu uplifting story. My Steffi had a Mum like yours and it gave her such confidence. Its so heartwarming to realise there are such understanding and loving people in the world. Lots of happiness and good wishes to you, Avice xx

Ditto - great mom- and being out and about story - Good inspriation


You are soooo lucky. I think that I would ask my mom to go out many more times with her. This will definitely build your confidence and prepare you for when you want to go out by yourself. <br />
What a wonderful mom you have and you are so lucky.<br />
Good luck in the future.

When you have an experience like that. It makes it all worth while.

Yes i was wearing some white panties

Thank you 4 ur comments i appreciate them

Oh I will. And thanx honey. I appreciate peoples comments and support. In any shape or form.

Oh I will. And thanx honey. I appreciate peoples comments and support. In any shape or form.

Thank you.

That sounds like an amazing day. I wish my parents could be the same. And Fireguy, you hit the nail on the head! Great story!

Your comment is so right on. Because that is just what it is. Your not born into it and you have to be happy with what you have and going for you at the time. Basicaly just go with the flow.

I just love your story, it's like a dream come true for a cross dresser; lucky you! Your Mom has to be one of the greatest to understand and accept you for what you are. I don't think cross dressing is something we choose, it happens and it's not something that you can be cured of. Enjoy what you have and make the best of it.<br />