Going Out For The First Time

hey there ladies.  i'm going out for the first time next week under the pretence that i'm doing it for a joke, but in reality it's just a good excuse to do what i have longed to do for a long while. my work is putting on a party and the theme is glam. i won best dressed last year for a james bond theme but this year it's the oscars so the dress code is glam. the only way i'm going to win again is to out do everyone so this year i'm going to dress up. a sexy but elegant long red dress(to cover my legs) blonde wig and glamorous make up. does anybody have tips for wearing make up as i have never done this properly and want to look sexy and fem. also is ther any tips for hiding the obvious. i have been looking at forums for strapping things away to give the flat look but am trying to get as much help for this as possible.

love to all my girlies xxxx

mookia mookia
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

i will let you all know how it went as well so please i need as much help as possible xx