Going Out First Time With Some

hello sister i,m a cross dresser but only at home or some times  in the car hip out walk around the car . but ever far. will  it,s time i make an appointment

with a pro. for makeup and dress up hopping to teach me how to do it so i can go out . i do put on unders most of the time but male on top

some heels with long pants i do go shopping is way.  mostly food, lipstick all the time toe nail all the time finger clear finish  and long

but i have one problem i,m 6feet2 in and 230lbs, so looking like a girl is very hard  . but i do love it . i will tell all of you how thing work out

wed march 10 wish me good luck i hope i do not back out    doris.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

i love to dress

hi , i remeber the times when dressed and ready to go out. It was hard but when you venture out for the 1st time you will be amzed the weight that comes off your shoulders and probally be annoyed at yourself for not doing it sooner and thinking of all the times you said no and what oppurtuintys you may have missed out on. Go for it ,even if for a drive wearing your clothes under normal attire.