I Did It

HI DORIS HERE.  If you read my first story . I did it!!!!  i dress-up in my black out fit skirt , heel and all and drove to Long island to see  Karen                           OH thank you GPS. drive was good . about one hr 1/2. pull in the driveway . she was walking the dogs so she saw my pulling in. come to me and

hello . i was shaking this is the first time someone saw me like is but she put me it ease. and  i said i would like to clean my self up

she said. OK just come in  will first thing I never  walk around dress out side in daytime about 11.am so . I pull my red lipstick on did my  hair

a little power . will here go, out of the car straight my cloths pull down on my slip  and skirt . feel the cold air around me it was great wish i would have to walk a mile like this but the house was closes . i walk in and started taking what would I like will  she said. .I said some help . makeup  hair  will ever thing

i wish i can put into  words how i feel. i wish. I have to.  spell better and tell you how great it was  I have some pic. but i do not known how to put them is this

story I think i can pass like this well may late it night and no street lite on,she said  we are have i party  wed. and you would like it. I have a room in a motel 

for dressing and makeup 20$ door start it 8. to 12 only CD tg . and friends not open to the public place call kelli bar in bellmore  I.L. BUY SOME earrings

a great looking wig . gave me some good  idea,s  how to dress better look more female. well me wife is home now so i have to go

makeup look really go on me  i buy some more and work on it its harder to do  i have to go.  love to all my sister peace and happiness to all  


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Mar 9, 2010