Doris Went To The Party

hello Dorise after the party

will i went. first  to see and meet other CD will it was great . I drove to the motel to be makeup and change meet Karen and a few girls 

i try to tell you all how i feel . it was so good the girls are so nice, and all known it was me first time out , and put me it easy

ever one said hello and gave names will i was so happy to be there . i get dress mostly it home i only had to put on  the blue sweater set. white heels

put the gym set and shoe in a bag Karen was ready for me first wig cap than makeup and lashes first time for lashes and eye liner ,lip last than the best wig

will i was a good look lady mid aged I SAW MYSELF  AND CAN NOT BELIEVED HOW GOOD I LOOKED, i thank if i was in a bar i would try to pick me up

HA-HA WILL WHY NOT.  after some time a few left to go to Kelli bar i ask if anyone needed a ride .known one did to bad i was feared to go by myself

but i say i,ll meet you all , so handbag hanging cloth in trunk in the car i go after walking about 50feet . I SEAT CAR NOT RUNNING.

i have to tell you how scare  I my just set in the car a few min. look around  look it me all dress up hair down  think  some going to see me

and say look it this guy dress in women cloth !!!  and ever one i known will come out see me . will it did not. . i started the car and said

to my self all my life i dream of doing is  so off i go feel great  the more i drove the better i feel it was so good i wish the time can stop

l. came to.  Kelli bar seat  park in the street look around on main street but quit  about block  and a 1/2 from the bar will block and 1/2

will i have to get out  walk in the street will  maybe i,l wait a little to see will maybe i just go home I CAN THIS FAR I WILL DO IT

maybe not I CAN DO IT . A MIN LATE DONNE PULL IN FRONT OF ME MET HER IT THE MOTEL . she get out I GET OUT and we both walked

together down the block it feel great heel hit the sidewalk *** swing hair moving bag handbag  swing side to side it.s the best!!

so Donnie and i saw some girls real one in front of the place hello lady there say how are you doing one said to me  into the place we go

to the real fast i need a drink fast bartender  said  lady can i help you.  vtonic i said Dionne order and paid for me drink  i few other girls

from motel are here so i feel better beening  here will started taking to other more come in feel better about my self . it was one of my better

night fell like i  was in the rigth place . ever one  said hello to me and wish me luck and how great I look  i did look good!!

Karen did take pic. so may show them . if i have the gut.  oh the best one of all was one of the  real girl come up and gave me a pickup line

if she buy me i drunk it would nave made my yr. will about 10:30 its time to go home and tell my wife an other story

 i will not go into that .  i change in the car and street wipe off makeup in the restroom wash  soap and water  almost cry to do so

i felt so good dress up i can not put in word how i felt tr ear come from my eyes in the car , so sad  to

 live i lay like this i do wish to dress like a women  Love it so much i feel so happy and at Peace with my self i,m crying here thinking  of

that to do without haring me wife  i love her so  i must live how to all who read is  and all my sister  live happy and peacefully love to all DORIS BLAT 

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Mar 13, 2010