Just Walking

Hi , i am a crossdresser with bi tendacies ...more so when dressed.

However one of the things o love most is dressing to just go out for walks. I always have to wear a pair of heels ,whether its with jeans or skirts. I just love the sound of the heels on the pavement. It really makes my day or night to be able to do this.i also love driving in heels and seeing my feet in heels . At this moment in my life i probally wear heels more than my wife (She does not know and would leave me if she did). Heels make me feel ultra femenine.

Bring me more heels!!!!

carriexd carriexd
36-40, M
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Great for you. I love to wear heels for the same reasons. My wife also does not know. I also love to wear and mini- skirt and stockings when I go out. Hugs Debbiestockings

i tried driving in heels but found it awkward but all depends how high the heel is . i went out walking tonight in a skirt but dont have heels yet as i did before when i gave it up to be with a girl but started again as been through 2 relationships but didnt last long for reasons i am not going into but i do love dressing up now more than ever and wont give it up and i am hoping to meet a woman who will accept who i am and share everything together . i am straight and always will be

Well, walking in heels is always a special event, no matter how many times I, even if its all day long, or just a few hour....

I love walking in heels too. The rythmn of the walk and being able to look down and see them. Heels are one of my favorite things to wear.