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At Work And Out Forever "true Story"

I have been out in public alot dress in full fem to store nail salon almost every place.Well alot of people know i dress as paula but one place that didnt was work till yesturday.I took the day off to go get my nails fill so i was in my full femine ware. I just left form getting my nails done when my cell phone rang and it was my boss,she said that there was big problem at work. I told her that i could come in later firgureing i would go home an change.She said no u got to come asap,i didnt matter to her what i had on and that she anf only few other woman were at work.I had no chocie but to go or lose my job figureing would anyhow when i walk in wearing 5 inch heels and mini dress and pantyhose makeup. I pulled in the parking lot and didnt even get the car in park and she was at my door i figured well im fired and she said WOW you look differnt but great she said lets go i walk in the office and everyone there looked but didnt say word and went back to what they were doing.She told me there was big problem on a invocie and that no could figure it out so i sat at desked and worked on it for 1 hour loveing ever min of sitting there as paula.I got it rite and took it to her office showed her the mistakes that someone had made and that it was good to go now.I was getting ready to leave when she said well we got to talk about one more thing,in my mind i thought she was going to fire me.She spoke up and said well me and the other girls want to know what to call u for now on? I asked what do me call me when she said well monday when u come in to work and said u know the dress code i have u must always wear skirt or dress to work. I hestated a min and said well paula she said ok and the girls wanted to know and that she see paula monday and everyday for now on and that mini skirt and short dresses are fine with her and that i would she a raise in my check. I got up and went by my desk to get my purse and there was a note on my desk from one of the ladies in the office that said we can expand the female bath room now and here a key to it and that she would like me to come to dinner at her house to meet her brother. I left the office to got shopping for more heels and panties bras and skirts and dresses.Today being saturday i pack everything i owned that was male and droped it off at the goodwill box.paula is full-time now and forever. .
cdpaula cdpaula 41-45, F 21 Responses Jul 16, 2010

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I wish I had your courage

Good for you . What a great story . I bet it was nervous then after what a relief. Nice. B B

Great boss, my boss would surely get rid if me. Your very fortunate.

skirts and stockings would not mix well in my blue jean and steel toe world...good for you though!

What an awesome boss. I would love to work for someone like that.

wit out a d aught this is a life long dream for all us grls come true. i wold give any thing to have such a wonderful thing happen to me , but my closest thing was being allowed in the gay bar dressed and being allowed to be a fem c--- sucker lol love your story thanks again penny

BLah Blah Blah, what clubs are you going to so we can hook up :P

Brqvo, in the next year I hope this happens to me when I go full time in a high tech place of work. I'm under construction right now.

I would love to be able to go to work in full fem...;-)

Holy crapola, I'm so jealous & I hate you forever Paula. What a lucky girl. I figure you must be one of those drop dead gorgeous honeys that look good in anything. I cracked up when I read your revelation. Kisses, Don't really hate you. Still takes me three hours to do my face to go out, leg prep, & cincher fit up. Geezzzz. give a girl a

OMG Paula, Congratulations, i wanna hear how monday went. You are sooooooo lucky!! Good For You!

Wow this story really brought a smile to my face thank you so much for sharing I wish the whole world could be like your job.

Holy Crap Girl I am soo jealous. Tell us how things are going! Give some updates Please.

girl, give us the juicy details of all of this!!!!

Such a good story Paula, all I can say good for you Girl. I particularly liked the bit about dumping all you male clothes. :)

Oh GOD!!! That is such a GREAT story! How fantabulous to hear all that. It doesn't matter that we haven't even met yet. I know you already Paula. You are my sister, gurlfriend and don't ever forget it.<br />
More trans need to see that there are peeps out there who will accept us the way we are! Most are scared to let peeps see the real person they are. Don't. Be yourself. Sure, there are those who will be *sses about it, but if you have to, find another job. I did! I love my job now and have NO problems with it.

I love your story,sis...I would like to know how the last few months since your story,...your work life has been as Paula..

Love your story.How many dinners have you with the girls from work.<br />
<br />

Wonderful story! I need to find a workplace like yours... where the dress code is: only in womens clothes allowed!!!

Thank you! I keep in my, but now, I feel lucky, I found a job, where the boss, let us wear as we want... So, I started to be out more and more..

Great story, wish things like that could happen to me also. How long has it been now that you can dress femme to work?

Hi Paula, <br />
I love your story! Sounds to me, that you were really always Paula no matter how you dressed!<br />
Hugs,<br />

Wow!!! Cool