Just A Natural Part Of Being A Woman

As women, going out in public is an absolute. As a t-girl myself, that is just part of the normal things you would do. If you have not done it before or have only done it a couple of times, you do have to use caution and expect to be somewhat nervous.
I enjoy going out in public just because as a woman it seems the natural thing you would do. You can't just stay dressed in your house all the time. It does take some practice though. I try to dress and act as a woman my age would. Going out in public means that I try to pass each and every time and try to be the best woman I can be at all times and present myself as a woman and not a guy in dress. Girls you know what I mean. It is the little things that help us pass as women. Going out is one of the most gratifying and fulfilling things we can do as t-girls.
I love to go out shopping as a woman but I admit that I am somewhat discreet as I don't go to the mall during peak times and use discrestion when going out. If I get looks from some people so what. Most of the people I have encountered were at least friendly even if they did not really approve of our lifestyle.
I go out shopping, to the gay clubs, adult book stores and movie places, and just doing daliy chores, all as a woman. Some of the women I meet are actually inquisitive about our lifestyle. Sometimes it is just fun to go out driving as a woman and enjoy the role and moment.
The most gratifying to this girl is going out shopping while dressed. I love trying on heels, buying pantyhose and bras and panties while dressed. I have to try on wigs dressed to get an idea of how accurate they will look on me. I adore shopping for makeup and clothes. When shopping as a woman, most of the time the sales clerks are women and they seem more accepting of us. I love going out to the mainstream stores and sometimes still get a bit nervous myself.
I know a lot of girls can't go out in public. I honestly feel for you. I know it is hard to want to, and not be able to, either because of family, jobs, or small town, or whatever. Believe me, I know that we who can go out are forunate and blessed to be able to live life on our terms some of the time and be ourselves. You don't know how important that is to a girl.
Going out in public means accepting yourself for who you are and not worrying about what others may think. I love being a woman and it seems so natural to me.
Femininely Yours - Faye Anne-Leigh
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Going out, its great, every time. After a first time, I went out in fully dressed, I felt so much enjoy... It was like a blessing... yeah. Its different. Going out in the night to the empty street, is not same as going out daytime, go to shopping and do as usually, just one, but gig and important thin is the difference: the freedom.

I agree with you Faye all the way. Being accepted out in public is very important. I live as a female full time now, so I have to try harder. I really enjoy being female, doing everything as a female. I know everyone isnt as lucky as some of us. I hope someday they can find happiness in their lives too.

Faye, I agree with you 100%. I just love going out as a woman, it is really exciting. Staying behind closed doors as a woman was only satisfying for a short time. I have been venturing out for 25 years. The first time it was extremely obvious and I was harassed by a teenage boy but saved by his girlfriend. Just proves that girls rock :)! Now I go out and do chores and shopping as much as possible as a woman. I love to interact with others and find that most people are nice especially girls and woman who are comfortable with themselves.

i agree with you all the way

I have only managed it twice....I felt sooo nervous. A friend gave some advice which I now keep as a mantra: <br />
"It is none of my business what other people think"