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Where Don't I Go Dressed-up

I've been going in public while dressed as a girl for 36yrs. worn mini-dresses and mini-skirts( that was awhile back).I still wear a mini-skirt on occasion. My favorite is blue-denim above the knee straight line skirts. Almost all color hose works well. I really like fishnets. Knee-high boots with a 4inch heel is what i generaly wear. In cold weather i wear skinny jeans with different kinds of boots.Warmer weather i wear spaghetti strap tops and shorts or skirts and flats or sandals. That being said  my family and i go shopping to alot of places. I go yard saleing, flea-markets, resale-stores,department stores and grocery stores. I get out to pump gas ,i've done my banking buisness. We eat out acouple times aweek. The places i go to on a regular basis know i'm a guy. Strangers very seldom say anything if they realize i'm a guy. My daughter and son call me dad,thats who i am.(he's 26, she's17). I really never had problems (yet). My wife calls me by my real name or honey ,that one does get the stares. My real name can be used for boys or girls,did my mom know what i would grow up to be. Everyone that  knows me know i dress. I am not trying to brag ,i just believe this is who we were ment to be. So why not enjoy life while we all can. Go out and have fun.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 7 Responses Jan 13, 2011

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I really enjoy reading your stories. You're fortunate that your wife is supportive but you were also very wise and brave to tell her about yourself when you were young.<br />
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I wish everyone could read stories like yours. It would help other people understand how normal and like everyone else we are.<br />
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All the best.<br />
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You all have great stories, thanks for sharing!<br />
My wife doesn't know what most of you know. I CD sometimes when the opportunity presents itself but only when I know its extremely safe. I see by some comments, even if the wife knows, it's still not perfect. Reason enough to be in the closet...for a while more.

It's a shame all can't be in the open.CDs are just being who they were born to be.Good luck to u and all others.

I know that is one thing i don't have to worry about, her getting mad and changing her mind.I don't try to pass anymore. I do know what you're saying,though

i use to be married but just over 11 years ago she told me she way leaving me for some one else, i know it was partly due to my wearing girls clothes.<br />
although i did not go out trying to pass as a woman i wore female clothes almost all of the time but i never went out in skirts or dresses i would wear girls pants and boot cut jeans etc.<br />
<br />
on the odd time i was mistaken as a female she hated it but even though i tried stopping several times i always went back to dressing in girls clothes i think part of it was as she told me i looked better in some of them than she did we talked it over many times and agreed on what i was allowed to wear but even when i was only wearing what she had said was ok if people made comments then she would start an argument if i came back saying i was only wearing what she had said was ok it was still my fault.<br />
in the end partly due to my working to much we started to drift apart then she came in one night and said she had something to tell me and said she was in love with a friend of ours and was going to leave me.<br />
now we are still good friends i go round to there house when i am home and she cooks me Sunday dinner and she is happy with the way i dress she is always complementing me on what i have on.<br />
<br />
i had told her before we started going out steady that i wore girls clothes and she said that it was not a problem i thought it was the only thing i could do i could not get into a serious relationship with some one and not tell them what i was, i told her the reason i think i am this way as i was dressed in girls clothes from birth until i started school and the school said i could not attend in the girls uniform from then on i wore boys clothes to school and girls when at home for a couple of years then it went to just boys until i was around 13 or 14 and i started to get skirts again. now i wear girls clothes all the timeout here in the Caribbean i wear skirts or dresses now and then and when home i wear girls pants with boots as it is much colder in England<br />
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there are not many women who do not mind there husband wearing girls clothes even when they say they don't mind they do in the end it may come down to a decision for you to make either your wife or girls clothes.<br />
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i wish you luck and remember always ask your wife if she is ok with what you are going to wear even if she has said it is ok one day she may change her mind when she see's you out in it and then see's other peoples reaction to them.

forgot to say i have never wanted people to think i was a female just a man in a skirt etc.

It's a fine line between our respect for our wives' preferences, and theirs for ours. Sometimes it seems rather unequal, because we're the odd ones out, not them. And I guess one way of staying normal when people like us are around, is by maintaining defences. Facing your husband looking and acting like a woman can be a very scary and unsettling thing, because welcoming the change in the man is also to welcome a change in their circumstances too. How do they tell the story of their man as a woman to their friends and family? We're pulling a rug of safety here, and it can seem unpredictable. The woman who is an accomplice to cross-dressing suddenly has to explain herself too; she has become the woman who married a cross dresser / tranny (poor thing).<br />
<br />
When we and our wives both share a full appreciation that we are normal but in a different way, we can both be confident. Anything less and fear presides.

My wife is used to my dressing.I only fully dress acouple times aweek between Oct and May. Thats when i like dressing. I dress in girls clothes(not fully dressed)when we go places during the summer. My work clothes are women(tops,pants,shoes). My hair is almost to my waist. I keep my legs shaved and toenails painted. Wife and family will always come before my dressing.

You really are very lucky Cindy. I think a lot about my wife's say. I'm caught between hiding some things again and really freaking her out. And I can't judge the logic. If she came home and I was in skirt and blouse, or even a petticoat and cami, that would be OK. But add makeup and wig and I would be "too much a woman". Silky smooth tights and stockings, with a slip; or a really pretty long glam nightie? That's fine. But she would be very upset indeed if I shaved my legs!<br />
<br />
She wants her man, I want to be her pretty husband; maybe in reality, her lesbian friend too.

My wife is not supportive at all and does not know that I like to dress up, even though I have been out in public! See my stories! Shee once said something to the effect if you did get dressed up I would feel like a lesbian! SORRY girls that are!

Sexuality is at the heart of marriages, and only is a few is love stronger. Try my blog for observations of this and more.