I'm Baaaaack.

Just go back from Savers, of the thrift stores I frequent. I got a new white nightgown, a black strapless dress with a kneelength flowing skirt, a flowing black skirt, a short denim skirt, two pair of jeans, (one pair is from DKNY, low riding hip huggers which unfortunately can't squeeze into, but I will) I also bought a red suitcase for my visit to the Indian Casino for the Halloween party. In all I spent $45 and had a great time shopping in all the aisles, except men's wear. I got a few stare because I'd forgotten to shave, but I just smiled back. I stopped in a liquor store for some wine and cigarettes. There was a young black man there who looked at me and nodded. Lord it is fun to be a girl.
PinksWoman PinksWoman
61-65, T
Sep 19, 2012