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I have asked this question on other sites but so far no response. Can you help me? Since my feminization I am very much more concerned about my appearance..One of my biggest is my hair. It is pretty long, 3" below my shoulders and thought I shampoo and condition it regularly, I hate the way it looks. It is dry and unruly. Though full, it has no body, no luster, no sheen. I have been using Suave products because they are inexpensive, now I want something to give me the look I desire. What do you use on your own hair? Are you pleased with the results? Please tell me.
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Besides regular hair care and leave in conditioners, brushing morning and night helps.

I've used most everything. But honestly, every now and then I get dandruff, and I couldn't find the right stuff to fix it. Selsum blue not only killed the dandruff but also gave my hair some body, and wave near the bottom. BUT, I hear that ovasion cell therapy is really great, but VERY expensive. I am thinking about it, because it "strengthens, and helps your hair grow faster" just sayin' when I don't use selsum blue I use cheap stuff

I have the same problem. My hair is all white and when I wash it and put in the conditioner It gets clean and soft but no body and no shine. It is also in a tangled mess avter I get out of the shower. Hurts to comb or brush it and I end up with a brush or comb full of hair. I don't need to loose ny more than neccesary. I ask the lady at the salon where I get my hair done and she suggested her product. It is a little pricy but it works. It is called Moroccanoil. Comes in a brown glass bottle Aqua lable with a big red M at the top. It is only .85 fl oz or 25 ml. I apply it after I towel dry my hair in the ammount the size of a dime when poured into the palm of the hand. I rub my hands together to get it all over the inside of my hands then apply it to my hair and work it in real good. Then when I comb it there aren't nearly as many tangles and I loose very little hair. I believe the cost was $16. I have found a cheaper brand ( Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti Frizz Serum ) for around $6. It contains Moroccan oil as well and comes in a 5.1 fl oz 150 ml size and it does the same job just as well. Hope this will help you with your problem.

Thanks girlfriend

Sure would have appreciated more than 2 words in the message. Hope my suggestion works for you.