Today's Plan

I have been tryingget to make an appointment for my halloween makeover on-line, but can't get a reply. I've been told the woman that owns the salon is transsexual and I'd really like to be transformed by her so today I am going to visit her shop in person, assuming it warms up a bit this afternoon. It's 47 friggin' degrees this morning. Why do I choose to live in Minnesota?
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

You go gurl. Let me know how it goes ok? Would love to know. Would love a blow by blow of all that you get done and how it turns out to. Please fill me in when it happens. Thanks.

Oh girlfriend you couldn't keep me from telling that story, in detail

Oh, I won't be having anything done. I just want to schedule the appointment.

Now I can't wait to hear. breathless with anticipation!!!!!!

So how did your trip to the salon go today, or did it not warm up enough. You know they make winter tights right?

yes, but I haven't gone over there yet. Hold your horses girl

Do you mind if I don't hold my horse and hold something else. It's more fun and it will pass the time in a more pleasurable way.

you are a naughty girl my friend

Well I was only foolin. But I will still be waitin.

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