Went For A Walk Around 7

I was home alone and desided to go for a walk. I put on a green thong, pink bra, grey yoga pants that were tight to the ankles, a purple and white tank top that had a rabbit on the front, purple and pink socks and my coat. I put on my black boots and went outside. i walked out my driveway to my road, which was a back road, and walked to the main road. I walked down the main road and got passed by many cars, some slowed down and would stay behind me for a while then take off, I thought I was gonna get rapped. I walked down the road about 1/2 miles to this creak. I walked down to this pipe and the water was shallow so I walked in it and then the water got deep so I turned around and walk out. I followed the creak and came to this on coal mine and went inside. The water was deeper inside so I couldn't really venture to far in it either. I left there and followed the creak up stream and came across a old car that someone crashed and left it in the creak. I walked up to it and found the shifter, which was like the only part not messed up or rusted, so I pulled it out and it rusted off at the end so it wasn't hard. It was still it good shape and the head of it was about as big as a golf ball and wasn't rusted about a foot down from there, I was horny so I climbed up on to this rock and pulled my yoga pants and thong down and spit on my fingers to lube up my *** and rubbed the shifter on my ******* and pushed it in and ****** myself with it, then pulled it out and sucked on it. The taste of my juices was amazing then I put it back in the car and pulled my thong and pants up and continued up the creak to a waterfall and climbed Ik it and came to the end of my road. I climbed up to my road and started walking. I passed my neighbors house and he was an older man in his garage and he seen me and said hi. I didn't have a very good girly voice so i did my best and I think he knew it was me. He asked me to come over and give him a hand so I did and once we got down taking his trash can to the end of his drive way he smacked my butt and said see u later sir, I mean ma'ma and winked. I started walking again and I couldnt help but to smile. I got to my drive way and seen my parents were home, so I turned around and walked back to the old man's house and asked if I could stay at his house. He said of course and smiled. I called my parents and told them I went down to help the old man and he said I could stay and they said ok and Hung up. All I had to wear was the thong, yoga pants, tank top, and bra i had on I didn't have any boy clothes so i was stuck dressed here at mr. Franklins house. his wife passed away a few years ago so he still had her clothes, she didnt dress like no old lady, she dressed like she was a model in her 20's so she had a lot of sexy clothes. He said I could wear what ever I liked and I could come down and dress in them and hang out and stay anytime. So i desided to change into a red party dress and we sat down the couch and started watching tv when he said I look sexy in the dress. I blushed and thanked him. I asked him were I would sleep and he sais I could sleep on the couch or I could sleep with him in his bed. I chose his bed and we ended up cuddling and he had me bend over while he ****** my *** and we ended up sleeping naked together. He gave me some boy clothes of his that fit me and I left around noon.

This happened on 1/22/13 at 7pm to 12am
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Oh my! Great story!

How wonderful!