Crossdressing In Public

I sometimes dress in drag, and go out shopping for womens clothes. I dress as classy, and age appropriate as possible, and have gotten a few compliments from saleswomen, and other women, while out "enfemme", on making a nice looking "woman". I love getting knowing smiles from ladies, while out, and have the right of freedom of expression. I think it would be more risky, to wear obviously womens clothes, if not acting the part as well. (Even though our society accepts women wearing mens styles, and/or actual mens clothes...including our underwear...And we all think they're still sexy!) I'm straight male, (as 95% of crossdressers are) and I feel no less a man for exploring my feminine side, and think it ironically takes "Balls", for a man to admit, and/or express his "feminine" side, in our society.   I also appreciate my maleness even more-so, after very long in hose, heels, etc., and think it enhances my empathy for what women face regarding western societies views on "perfection" in womens looks, in the media, not to mention the hassle it takes to get a pretty look, w/ makeup, clothes, heels, etc..((Ouch!)) ANY Women that have any positive comments, or supportive views to share here, (Or were even amused) would be appreciated.

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We can be a Man, (in a dress, etc., and some are brave enough to, without wig, makeup, etc., and great for them) but I think it best to play the part of a 'woman', myself, even though I'm sure most can tell, if they look closely. (Or maybe not, but oh well!) But I figure, if they have a 'problem' with it, it's their problem, NOT mine. Though I don't go out much any more, since heels hurt too much, to walk very far in them. (And my feet look too big, without them, and also I wouldn't want to have to use the mens restroom, or facilities, if a guy in a dress, etc!)

I think it is great that you can look reasonably passible even though you are generally made. I can do the feminine shape very well even though I'm pretty tall in heels. My problem is that, from the neck up, I can't look like a women. My head is too large and my neck too muscular. I can get pretty close - enough for dark places - with a wig and high neck lines, but my wife doesn't want me to loose the mustache! <br />
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It all comes back to, why can we just dress like women and still be men?

Honey I think you are beautiful! Be you. Society and good people will accept things you never thought you could get away with. unforunately the a$$ holes of the world may find it impossible to conceal themselves when you are clocked. Don't let it bother you. more people in the world think you are more brave and wonderous than you will ever know. I am one. And there is a certain advantage to those that reveal themselves as jerks immediatly. It saves you alot of work. Live a wonderful life, have no regrets when you are done.

I'm a M to F crossdresser, and absolutely love to dress en femme and go shopping. I've developed an appreciation for women. It really takes a great deal of time and money to look pretty (especially when you're a man!) At any rate dressing up is really a lot of fun. I just wish that I could get others to accepts me for who I am.<br />
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I think this is great! Most of what it means to be a woman in today's society is tied up in appearances (body, clothes, hair, make-up, etc.), and for a man to experience that and develop empathy for women is absolutely awesome. I wish more men were willing to do something like this, as I think it would give them a much greater appreciation for women after experiencing somewhat of what they have to go through in this society. The fact that most men consider being woman-like to be the greatest insult says a lot (of negative) about men and what they really think about women, and you seem to be the complete opposite of that.

what a nice up front honest story...<br />
i do the same thing and feel just incredible whenever i do<br />
keep going friend!<br />
i have been for years and im so comfy with it its natural now<br />
love to see you!

I feel if your going to do it do it right, i belive you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself and instow alot more confendence about yourself.

Hi Jill, At E.P there Are a few of us to look up!<br />
We are a combined bunch of girls who admit to dressing!<br />
Some are dressers, some are preop girls etc!...Just play around with sentences in the groups section! <br />
...WELCOME Jill, and enjoy!

what ever makes you comfortable, what ever makes you yourself. I accept because I am an accepting person. <br />
<br />
happy new years^^