Not Round Here!

I absolutely love going out in public as a woman. Despite being 6'2" I know I can 'pass' (I'm convinced high heels and short skirts with long, sexy legs (a) confuses people as to my true height and (b) distracts people from looking up!). Once you get over the terror it is such a sense of sheer freedom!

I love the sensation of fresh air and a breeze around my freshly-shaved, nylon-clad legs, and the swish of my skirts. I love the click of my heels as I walk. I love the bounce of my breasts as I walk. I once got caught in the rain and it was such a liberating feeling!

There's one dream which will probably never come true - I'd love to have sex with a guy outdoors when I'm dressed. Out in the woods somewhere, bent over feeling him pump my ***, or down on my knees giving head!

Going out was OK in Hastings; the area I lived in (St. Leonards) was pretty Bohemian anyway. Now I live in one of the rougher areas of Bristol it's just not worth the risk - I want to keep my good looks!

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Oh, you lucky, going out daytime... That is one of my big dream, but i know, i need a lot of spirit to do it. Not mentioned my face, i cant hide the evidence of my barb, maybe if hiding over a big feminine sunglass.... I already taken few little steps, but this way is long way (for me)..

Yes, I'm sure if I'd been a few inches shorter and a bit slimmer I'd have spent a lot more time dressed as Dee and gone out a lot more. It is a wonderful feeling and I do feel a deep desire to go out again...

Going out dressed up is so liberating once you get over the fear.