Today In Diapers

I had a single diaper with blue plastic pants on under my cargo shorts this morning. A friend called and said he was heading to the gun range and wanted me to go. Trouble was; the range is 40 minutes away and he was going to be there in 30. I grabbed my range bag that holds my two favorite pistols and some extra ammo and headed out; no time to take the diapers off. Oh, well. I made sure my shirt was tucked in well and didn't think another thing about it. After all, I usually wear double diapers so I knew no one would notice. I peed once while at the range and again on the way home. Nothing better than not needing to worry about where to find a restroom! Pure bliss.

In case you're wondering; shot accurately. 200 rounds and all were within acceptable tolerance. Can always do better, but consistent practice shows consistent improvement inaccuracy.

Stay Diapered!

BabyJeremy BabyJeremy
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People know but don't always say something to you, or at least not to your face. This is a public outing that my neighbors took me on.
I was at home not doing much of anything but a little yard work in my backyard. I was wearing only a Bambino teddy bear diaper enjoying the sun when my neighbors come over. They both stood there looking at me and not saying anything about how I was dressed just kind of bewildered. Then Susan said that they could use some help moving a refrigerator and stove out of the house then picking a new set up at Lowes. I told her it would be no problem just to let me get something to wear and I would be right over. She said she would go in and get me something to wear while I helped Jim get the stuff out of the house because we were short on time. I protested a little since I only had a diaper and shoes on. But she said I looked fine and they didn't care how I was dressed. I opened my mouth to say something but she just slapped my padded bottom and told me to get along and she would be over in a few with something for me to wear to Lowes.
So I went along with Jim to their house and apologized for the way I was dressed telling him I hadn't expected anyone to come over. He took it in stride and said that as long as that was what I liked to wear in my own house I should wear what I want. Well after a short walk down the street with my diaper exposed to the neighborhood I was safe inside their house.
We were able to quickly move the stove out back for later pick up then it was on to the refrigerator. It was not as easy, and at one point I caught my diaper on an edge while moving it causing a tear. It was about this time that Susan came back and I noticed she was carrying my diaper bag that I use when I go out.
She said that she was pretty sure I would need to change the diaper I had on before we left to Lowes. She said she saw the diaper bag next to all of my diapers in the closet so she filled it with diapers and something for me to wear to Lowes. She was right, I did need a fresh diaper but instead of letting me change right then she just herded us to the truck telling me that she would change my diaper on the way. I started to protest but she just slapped me on my diapered butt and told me to move it. I looked at Jim and he said "don't look at me I am not going to argue with her".
So off to the truck we went. I climbed in the back seat along with Susan and were on our way. After we got moving Susan told me to lay down on the back seat and she would change my diaper. By now the fight was leaving me so I just decided to submit to Susan's will. I laid down and in no time she had the old diaper off, had me freshly wiped down, powdered and a fresh Bambino teddy bear diaper tapped on me just as we were pulling into the Lowes parking lot.
Jim found a place to park near the front of the store and Susan said OK let's go get the new stuff.
I said aren't you forgetting something. She looked at me and said oh yeah I almost forgot. She grabbed the diaper bag and came around to my door and told me to get out so she could help put my clothes on. I figured no reason to keep fighting with her since I wasn’t winning any of my protests anyway. So I got out and stood next to the truck, she closed the truck door and got a t-shirt out of the diaper bag and put it on me. I started to feel a little better having some clothes on but of course the teddy bear diaper was still clearly visible.
Susan then picked up the diaper bag, grabbed my hand and said let's go. I couldn't believe that she was going to take me in the store wearing only a diaper and t-shirt. I pulled back a little and tried to resist a little, but then Jim looked at me and said let's go.
So I let myself be led in the store wearing just a diaper and t-shirt all the while getting this feeling of naughtiness and excitement coming over me. There were lots of stares, and lots of comments that I heard from behind but no direct confrontations.
Susan kept a hold of my hand the whole time and soon we were in the appliance section. A young college age girl came over to help them while I stood there kind of dumb founded to be in a store wearing only a diaper and t-shirt. The girl looked at me many times as Susan told her what she wanted. I was so nervous and excited that I slowly started wetting my diaper. After Susan had picked out the stove that was in stock and what she wanted the girl finally said something about me.
She told Susan that she had a very good little boy and that she wished all little boys that came in there was as good and quite as I was. I was so embarrassed by now yet so excited at the same time.
It didn't take much longer and Susan had picked out a refrigerator and she was dragging me towards the front to pay. All the while my diaper was crinkling and I was wetting it more.
By now my emotions were all over the place. I couldn't come to terms that Susan, who knew nothing of my diaper wearing before she came into they no had me inside Lowes wearing just a diaper and t-shirt. I also couldn’t believe that I had been in Lowes for about an hour in front of countless people that had seen me in a diaper, and no one had said one direct thing to us about me being there wearing a diaper. I was about ready to faint from all of the emotions that I was feeling right now. But soon we were out the door and back in the truck.
It was here I finally found my voice and was able to ask why she took me in there with my diaper exposed. She looked at me then Jim and just said "because I wanted to". She then asked me “why, didn’t I enjoy the public humiliation”? I said no, but yes, but no. And she said that she thought so. Susan then looked at my diaper and said that she could see my diaper was in need of changing again. She said that she would do that around back at the dock. We drove around to the back dock and parked next to the pick-up area and Jim went inside with the paperwork. Susan told me to get out of the truck and lay on the back tailgate of the truck so she could change my wet diaper. So I got out of the truck and went around back and laid down where Susan directed me. She undid my diaper and started cleaning me up with baby wipes. By now I was overly excited and my emotions were running at full throttle and Susan could see that I was getting overly stimulated from everything but she just she applied fresh baby powder and tapped a fresh teddy bear diaper on me.
Susan smiled and said that she knew I was enjoying the public humiliation. I told her that maybe I was a little, but I hadn't expected to ever be out like this wearing just my diapers. She said now that she knew about my diapers and the excitement I get out of public humiliation that it wouldn't be the last time she was sure. Just as Susan finished tapping the diaper on me Jim came back with two store guys and the appliances. I stood up in the back of the truck and helped Jim strap down the stuff.
At one point Jim looked at me and asked if I was all right. I said I was and he said good, that we were almost done and we could head back home. Soon we were back at their house and we were getting ready to unload the truck, but before we did Susan took my T-shirt off and said there you can be comfortable again.
Jim and I unloaded the truck and got the new stuff set up and Susan was very happy with the new stuff in the kitchen.
I asked Susan for my diaper bag and said that I would see them later. Susan came over to me squeezed the front of my diaper and placed two fingers in the leg hole. She said that it looked like all the beer I had drank ended up in my diaper and that I needed changed one more time.
I almost argued then looked at Jim who just shrugged his shoulders. Susan led me to the living room where she had me lay down and she started to remove my diaper. Susan looked up at Jim and told him to go and get the baby oil out of the bathroom so she could make sure I didn’t get a diaper rash. Jim came back and handed her the bottle of oil then looked down at me and smiled. Susan took the oil and applied it to my generously to my diaper area and after only a short time had me ******* all over my stomach. Susan gave a little laugh cleaned me up again with baby wipes, put a bunch of baby powder on me the tapped me into a fresh diaper.
Jim helped me stand up, thanked me for all of the help and led me towards the door.
I waddled on back home, diaper crinkling all the way thinking about all that had happened today. Wondering when the next time would come and they would take me out in just my diaper. On one hand it made me excited but on the other hand a little scared too.

Good for you Baby Jeremy. Well done on the shooting. I haven't been to a range recently, but next time I go I will go diapered!

Just because people don't say anything doesn't mean they don't notice. I used to wear when I went out drinking with friends years ago. Once when I didn't, my mate said asked if I'd be okay without a nappy on. It turned out they all knew, though they obviously assumed I had to wear them, and they seemed to know when I had one on and when I didn't. I wondered what their conversation must have been like when I wasn't there;-)