I'm In Debt Because of It.

I busted my *** to help my family, & come to find out, they didn't really need my financial help. They just wanted to manipulate, threaten, & control me & make me look stupid. Now I regret being nice & helping them. I later realized that these folks hate me & wish me dead. I'm in over $100,000 debt between helping them, student loans, & other debt. But I hate the fact that I have to pay back @ least $75K of what they took from me 4 yrs. ago. They didn't even care about a disaster. Hurricane Katrina. They used me out of all that $$ before I went to study abroad in Costa Rica, which was like 2 mos. before Katrina. Take & use MY $$ to give it to people they sexually want, gamble it up, or use it for drugs/alcohol or who knows what. Now, I have to suffer for what they took from me.


I'm 25 with a BA in Spanish & can't find a job. I'm spending time, trying to regain & strengthen my Spanish & computer skills & learn other languages. Well, I have a neurological disorder, & people consider me retarded, so they misused & took advantage of me. I struggle with assertiveness because if I don't give my family what they want (not need), then they make life-threatening accusations against me. I'm glad I live sort of distant from them & don't speak to them. My twin sister falsely accused me of molesting her baby & trying to kill her because she was mad because I didn't have any $$ to give. My brother lied & said I tried to poison his girlfriend's food because I didn't have $$ to give. & they think these life-threatening rumors are funny. Me doing over 20 yrs. in federal prison, for a crime I never committed, is nothing to play around with. & they get fake witnesses, such as neighbors, friends, bible class members, etc., who don't know anything about what happened, & they lie FOR them & the cops don't want to hear my side of the story & they make threats to arrest me, or they slam me on the car & handcuff me for trying to explain MY side of the story.

otad12 otad12
31-35, F
Mar 3, 2009