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Do you need to clear  the cobb webs out of your brain? 
I do.   I like stepping away, stepping out.  Maybe  sit and look at the sky, trees and smell the earth. What's changed out here? The flowers are scant ..the grass is in need of a cut. I smell the wind and feel the sun's good. It's as alive as myself.  Breathe in deep..I came out here to breathe. Putting things into perspective I suppose. Why does it seems so simple out here and complicated inside?  I'm free in both places but it's MORE free here.
I like to sit on the porch and feel ok even if it last only 15 minutes.
wiseowl wiseowl
61-65, F
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

I know exactly what you're talking about my friend. A quiet moment with just myself and life surrounding me fills me with great thankfulness and the desire to continue on. I have a stone patio in the back of the yard where I sit under the large pine trees. It always rejuvenates my spirit. Tonight, I was able to witness the birds migrating overhead. All's well with the world!

Hi Shepherdess my friend..I am watching the birds too.Birds know where they're going and have a plan. Mother nature has a plan too. The season is changing. Everything is predictable..we expect it and look forward to the show. Our lives aren't predictable and can get scary or wonderful..we never know. Maybe that's why we view the world, quietly on the porch?

I love what you said Wiseowl.....View the world, quietly on the porch!